Microsoft’s Cortana, the personal voice assistant solution from the Redmond-based company can now be set as the default Assistant on Android phones or tablets. This can replace Google’s own assistant Google Now, from the default apps on Android devices.

Using Cortana on the Android is now same as using Google Assistant – long press the Home Button and then once Cortana is activated, you can interact with it as usual. Previously, whenever users need to use Cortana, they had to open it from the app drawer.

The early access to the updated app is already available on the Google Play store and users can download this beta version.  After that they can go to the phone’s settings and set Cortana as the default app. The features of the app from Microsoft are very much same as the Google Assistant.

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How To Set Cortana As The Default Assistant On Android

After downloading and installing Cortana, users are asked to sign in with a Microsoft account and once signed in, the user can set Cortana as the default assistant. After installation multiple options like lock screen support, location and calendar setting are also asked.

Now, go to home screen of your device. Press the home button to launch assistant. It will show a message – Complete action using Google or Cortana. There will be two options- Just now and Always. Choosing the option ‘Always’ the user can change the default setting to Cortana.

This default voice assistant can support calling, texting, or browsing and also other important tasks with a voice command. The users can also sync it to their PC and use it more conveniently.

What’s New in Latest Beta Version Cortana

According to the ‘What’s New’ Section of Cortana in Google Play Store, it has:

  • Tabbed UI look with 3 tabs including Task View tab, Reminders tab and Proactive canvas tab.
  • New Cortana has improved on Lock screen
  • Lists & Remember functionality now
  • Always on Movie card
  • Also includes calendar integration
  • Flight cards on receiving SMS about an upcoming travel

Also, there are certain restrictions in this present update. The app works only in portrait mode and you cannot use it in landscape mode. If you try to use it in landscape mode, it automatically changes the mode back to portrait.

Microsoft will most probably release it for all with some more new features. Till then, it’s nice to see Microsoft has continued to work on its voice assistant.

You can download the Cortana for your Android device from Google Play Store. Scroll down and join in the beta stream, then update the app to enjoy this feature.


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