Working or spending time away from home can be dull when staying in a hotel room alone. Sure, you can check out the downstairs bar, but sometimes all you need to do is kick back with your feet up and a movie.

Unfortunately, that’s not always possible with the best English-speaking channel you’ll find is a 24-hour news channel. Of course, that’s no way to kick back though!

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways around this to ensure your hotel room is just as comfortable, chilled out and enjoyable as being sat at home, or even being at the cinema!

Popcorn at the ready? Here are the best bits of kit to make sure you don’t go bored in your hotel room.


First things first are finding some content to enjoy! We’re rarely going a day without Netflix, but the content you get is very much dependent on where you are in the world.

Geoblocks will prevent you from accessing certain media due to licensing laws. If you are stuck and you need access to US Netflix overseas, then a VPN is certainly for you.

What they do is allow you to connect to servers all over the globe in order to access specific content. Simply connect to a US server with a VPN and you’ll be able to enjoy Netflix and any on-demand service you need.

Portable Projector

Sure, you use your hotel TV, but where’s the fun in that?

Portable projectors are incredible for taking away with you. You can pack them into your bag easily as well as allowing you to project from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

There are dozens of great mini projectors out there, many coming at a relatively cheap cost. They’re perfect for setting up, connecting to your device that’s using a VPN and streaming pretty much anything you want.

Portable Speakers

Of course, you aren’t going to want a huge cinema-style screen on your hotel room wall without good sound.

Don’t stream a movie with a tinny mobile phone speaker, connect it up to a pair of speakers via Bluetooth and give your room a real cinematic experience.

You can pick up a good speaker for around $50, easily packable into your bag and ideal for adding that extra dimension to a ‘quiet’ night in.

Amazon Fire Stick

Another option for accessing content is through an Amazon Fire Stick. All you have to do is plug it into the back of your television and you’ll be able to access all sorts of content.

Again, you may be limited by geoblocking so combining this with a VPN connection may be necessary.

There are other HDMI connected devices available and are certainly worth thinking about if you do a lot of travelling.

All these solutions are incredibly straightforward and will transform your hotel room into a real entertainment hub.

So, don’t sit in your room watching the news or a dubbed version of a US sitcom, transform your evening and watch an action-packed movie with speakers that’ll have the neighbours complaining!


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