Having a well-accessorized car improves convenience in addition to just providing transportation. With the current technological innovations, most cars are now made with numerous features and accessories. However, this is not enough, and people still need to add aftermarket features and accessories. According to seasoned fleet owners, EyeRide products are some of the best you can add for safety, security and convenience. Here, we will highlight some of the best gadgets that you cannot afford to miss out on in your car.

Dash Cam

The dashboard camera is one of the most crucial gadgets to install in your car. The options out there are numerous. However, vehicle owners should consider one with HD or FHD capability, wide-angle view, and a large memory. A dash cam will help you keep the memories of a journey. It is also used to examine the events of an accident.

GPS Navigation

People no longer have to park by the roadside to stop and ask for directions. GPS technology has made things way easier. If your car did not come with a factory-installed navigation system, you can easily install an aftermarket one. They allow real-time identification of your vehicle’s location and will show directions on the provided screen. The good thing is that no internet is needed because the gadget can seamlessly communicate with satellites.

Multipurpose Jump Starter Kit

Getting stranded along the way because of a dead battery is inconvenient. Not everyone will be comfortable stopping and giving you some power. However, a portable multipurpose jump starter kit is a great device to keep in your car. It must have power at all times to ensure it is usable when the need arises.

Reverse and Parking Assistant

Whether you decide to install a reverse camera or sensors, this option can save your car from damage. Remember that you will have to deal with the damage repairs for two cars if you accidentally hit another car. But, why go through this stress if you can have a parking assistant installed for you? Let an expert install the system for you to ensure full functionality at all times.

Phone Holders

Drivers can easily cause accidents when they try to reach for their phones. They need their phone in a place they can get hold of it easily or even see who is calling. You can either choose a magnetic phone holder or one with clips. All perform a similar function of ensuring that you have your phone in a safe and accessible position.

Car Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter

It is becoming one of the most popular gadgets in people’s cars. With this device, you do not even need to remove the phone from the clip because it facilitates hands-free connectivity. It is usually plugged into the lighter socket to get powered and function. When answering a call, it connects with your stereo speakers and the mic for easy communication.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone wants to maintain a clean car, yet schedules are too tight. However, a portable vacuum cleaner is a great gadget when it comes to collecting debris and particles in your car. They can easily be plugged in your 12V port or the cig lighter socket for proper functionality.


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