Our mobile is our go to device. It usually does not take long for our phone to get cluttered up with files thus creating a shamble. Rolls of pictures, redundant apps, unused widgets, cached files. All these files saturate and slow down our phone speed – which can be very frustrating at times. Here are some few tips to free space on the Internal Memory of your android device.

Uninstall apps/ and unnecessary apps

Have you ever seen this pop up message: ‘’not enough storage space’’? We all dread that this day might happen. It is a fact that sometimes we end up downloading free apps that aren’t that useful and we forget that they are sitting idle consuming our phone space. Unused apps occupy up tons of storage therefore it is important to delete these unwanted apps to create more space. To uninstall your apps there are a few steps:  click on setting- tap application/apps – tap the app you wish to uninstall – tap uninstall to remove it.

Delete WhatsApp media

We all share and receive photos and videos from our friends or family members on WhatsApp. These files that we exchange add to the counter of our storage device. Thus, it creates a chaotic jumble in our phone. We are always in desperate need for more space. So, don’t forget to navigate to your internal storage then tap on WhatsApp – tap on media – tap on WhatsApp images – tap on sent. You can also look at the other folders that is within Media like WhatsApp Video. Deleting these duplicate files or unnecessary one can free up some space on your device.

Delete your downloads

We usually tend to forget about our downloads. They are left behind in a forgotten folder. It’s the time to look at your downloads folder and remove anything you don’t need. Here are the steps to delete your downloads form your android device. Tap drawer- tap downloads- tap file – tap the Trash Can to delete the downloaded file. Here you go, more free space to welcome important files and your valuable photos.

Download Google drive

If your android device runs out of Internal storage space, chances are you’ll turn to your photos and videos. They usually take up a lot of space to our dismay. A great way to free up that space from your phone is to delete your photos and retain them on google drive. Google drive can be a life saver since it gives you 15GB of free space and you can access your files from just about any device with a Wi-Fi connection.

Download 1 Tap Cleaner

What is 1 Tap Cleaner. It’s a free application for android and it helps its users to free space from their device. It is a must-have app because within just one tap you’ll be able to delete all the search histories, browser navigation, all cache, history records, call logs, SD card, default setting to name a few from your phone. It is one of the most downloaded apps in its category because it does not require phone rooting.

Now that you have ample space on your device, you can start downloading an interesting app called Ted Bingo. is the shrine of passionate gamers. It is filled with amazing games each for amazing than the other.

Follow these tips to free space on the Internal Memory of your phone. More space leaves more room to welcome new photos and important files. However, be aware and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Use our tips regularly to make sure you don’t find yourself in desperate need of phone storage.


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