An iPhone passcode is a way to prevent unauthorized access of your phone, especially in case it’s lost or stolen. However, there are cases when users end forgetting their iPhone’s passcode, rendering their iPhones almost useless. Though this shouldn’t deter you as users can always perform a factory reset to regain access to their device.

Forgetting your iPhone passcode means you’ll have to perform a factory reset the device. Factory resetting your iPhone is always a hard decision, as it implies, you’ll lose all your data on the iPhone.  This also means you’ll have to back up your data before going ahead with the factory reset process. In this article, we’ll help you with feasible ways on how to reset iPhone without a password.

Reset the iPhone with Home and Power button

To begin with, just press and hold the Home button at the bottom and the Power/Standby button at the same time. Make sure you gently press/hold both buttons together until your iPhone shuts down and begins a restart.

As soon you see the Apple logo on iPhone’s screen, just let go of both buttons together and you will have performed a factory reset.

Alternative Method:

Factory Reset iPhone with iTunes

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. Connect your iPhone to a PC using the original data cable USB connector. However, do not connect the other end of your iPhone to the data cable right now. Then, wait for the program to automatically sync and backup your iPhone. (Just right-click on your iPhone’s icon and select the “Sync” option if the backup and sync process is not activated automatically.)

After this, just turn off your iPhone. Then press and hold down the Home button, and while holding connect your iPhone to the original data cable.

Then as soon as you see the iTunes icon appearing on your PC, release the Home button and you enter the recovery mode. In case iTunes doesn’t start automatically, you can launch it manually.

You’ll then receive a prompt asking you to Update or Restore your iPhone. Click on Restore and wait until iTunes downloads the update, after which your iPhone will be restored to factory settings and your old password will be erased.

Factory reset iPhone using dr.fone – Unlock for iPhone and iPad

If any of the above tricks have failed to fix your issue, you can try using dr. fone – unlock for iOS software. The software is specifically developed to help you out with unlocking the iPhone without resetting the password. Apart from unlocking, it does a whole lot more things such as data transfer, backup and restores, shifting to a new iPhone, etc.

You can use this software to get rid of the unknown passcode in 5 minutes on second hand bought products. Before doing it, you need to know that the Find My iPhone/iPad should be disabled for a successful unlocking of the iPhone and iPad.

In this way, you can now factory reset iPhone without password and access all of your data once again.


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