Apple macOS High Sierra

Apple unveiled the macOS High Sierra or macOS 10.13, with new features like the Apple File System, new HEVC Video standard, Metal 2 Graphics update, Virtual Reality support and loads of updates for Photos, Safari and Mail apps. Let’s have a detailed look at the features of macOS High Sierra.

New Features In macOS High Sierra

Apple File System – APFS

To begin with, macOS High Sierra features the new Apple File System or the APFS, which is the latest file system for Mac and is suitable for replacing all other file systems be it the iOS, watchOS or the TvOS systems. It is a significant update as it supports the Full Disk Encryption features that means each file on the storage is encrypted separately, enhancing the overall data security.

HEVC (H.265) Support

Another big thing in the macOS High Sierra is the HEVC or High Efficiency Video Coding, also known as H.265. It is Apple’s new standard to more efficiently store and stream videos on your Mac. The HEVC spec compresses videos 40% more than its predecessor, the H.264. This not only saves storage space but also retains the quality of a video as you stream it. So the new HEVC ensures lesser space usage even 4K videos and quality is also retained.

VR Support


Not only the everyday users but the developers also got a treat from Apple as macOS High Sierra supports Virtual Reality or VR development engine like the ‘Unreal Engine’ and ‘Unity Editor’ to enable developers to create VR compatible content. This gets even better with the Metal 2 Graphics that will maximize the GPU performance for macOS High Sierra.

Metal 2

To make full use of these performance upgrades, Apple has also added a 5K Retina display for the new iMac Pro which is set to release later this year.

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Other Tweaks

Apart from these major additions, Apple has also tweaked the Photos app, Safari browser and the Mail app. The Photos app gets a more powerful set of editing tools that can be used to do advanced or professional level edits on the Mac. Apart from these tools, Photos will also feature an Expanded Sidebar for ease-of-access for all your pictures.

Apple Photos

Faster organizing, Loop and Bounce tools are added to Live photos so you can endlessly see them or add a DSLR like Motion Blur to your live photos. Editing in third-party apps like Adobe Photoshop is more seamless as all edits made in Photoshop are directly saved to Photos app.

Safari Browser Updates

Safari browser has got updates like Video Autoplay Blocking, Intelligent Tracking Prevention to ensure a more secure and private browsing, Safari reader that always stays on and optimizes Safari compatible web pages to reading mode by blocking ads, navigation and other cluttering items on it. Mail also gets split-screen for ‘Compose’ window and an optimized search bar that uses spotlight for more accurate results.

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Coming to other updates, Siri is now capable of choosing songs and playlists for you depending on your mood. Siri also gets a more natural voice with variation in narration styles and word emphasis. The files stored in your iCloud are more easily shareable through a direct link now.


FaceTime, the video calling app from Apple would also support capturing live photos and storing them directly in the Photo Library. All messages on iMessage will be stored on iCloud, saving space on you Mac and syncing messages across all your Apple devices. These are some of the highlights of the mac OS High Sierra or the macOS 10.13


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