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When it comes to visiting a land based casino, people often go in the hope of leaving with more money than they went in with. The majority also hope that they will get really, really lucky and win big. As everybody will be well aware, beating the casino or the house as it’s often called, is extremely hard to do as the odds are always in their favour. But what if somehow gadgets could be used to swing the odds in the favour of the player?

Some punters did devise their own ways to beat the house when it came to games such as blackjack, by devising card counting systems which often involved teams. These did work, however, they also brought a lot of attention at the same time; leading to the perpetrators  being kicked out and banned from casinos. Gadgets though are slightly different.

One of the simplest methods used has to be rigged dice. The dice are weighted down on one side to ensure that they roll specific numbers in a controlled manner. While it is pretty hard to get these into action in the top Las Vegas casinos, they have been known to work elsewhere and have resulted in players walking away as winners too.

Looking at a contraption such as a card holdout device you would think that it was prehistoric and very amateur. It’s a gadget though which has been in operation since the early 19th century, and it works by providing players with alternative cards to win at the table. It was reported that just a couple of years ago a few guys used this to beat the house in a Connecticut casino.

While a lot of people pressed ahead with teaching themselves how to count cards, the advancements made in technology saw apps become extremely popular and there have been numerous card counting apps created over the years. With card counting legal and the use of mobile phones being legal too, it has become a popular way for players to try and gain an advantage over the house.

Roulette is one of the most popular games at any casino as it doesn’t really require much skill or understanding. It’s based purely on luck whether the player wins or loses and it’s just a case of choosing a number and/or colour and watching the ball make its way around the wheel, or is it? This too is a game that gadgets have been put to work on in order to gain an advantage for the player and they have worked in a lot of cases.

Devices known as roulette computers work by the player clicking a button every time the wheel completes a spin and the ball passes a certain point. This allows an accurate prediction to be made on where the ball is likely to land. It may not give the exact number but often enough information is supplied so that the player can walk away a winner more often than not.

Casinos will always do battle with some punters who will constantly be in search for the latest gadget to gain any type of advantage when gambling. So there is no doubt that as time goes on we will see even more weird and wonderful ways to try to have the edge on the house. In fact, it has now even spilled over in the online gaming sphere, with the huge surge in the demand for Live Casino products. Anyone who is not familiar with this thrilling and interactive version of online gaming can visit PartyCasino for superb live casino tables. In conclusion it should be stressed that gaming enthusiasts can rest easy knowing that the entire industry is focused on ensuring that all games and features are fair as well as random.


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