Google Daydream View

Google has formally launched its first VR headset Daydream View in India. The headset is available exclusively on Flipkart at just Rs. 6,499. Also, if you buy it using Flipkart’s e-Wallet PhonePe, you can get a discount of Rs. 300 as a launch offer.

What exactly is the Daydream View?

VR headsets let you watch 360 degree videos available on Facebook, YouTube and other dedicated VR apps. You can watch virtual reality or 360-degree video by fitting your smartphone into the headset. While watching a 360-degree video, you will feel like you are part of the video. It is quite fascinating.

At launch, Google designed the Daydream View especially for its Pixel smartphones. But according to the company, currently, this headset is also compatible with Moto Z and will be supporting Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ very soon.

This headset is made of soft breathable fabric and it has been fitted with an eye glass. It has been provided with auto alignment system which will not cause any problems with cable connections.

Google Daydream View

The device comes with a controller which slides right inside the headset when not in use. The controller lets users interact with the virtual world the same way they interact with the real world around them. It has sensors that respond precisely to a user’s movement and gestures.

The headset supports most of the apps such as YouTube, Play Movies, Street View, and Google Photos. Indian users can experience distraction-free videos, sports, live events, tv shows, movies and much more in full 360° panoramic views on the headset.

Currently, Google Daydream View comes only in Slate color in India.

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Pricing and Availability

The Daydream View headset is available for purchase exclusively on Flipkart. If you buy it using Flipkart’s e-Wallet PhonePe, you can get a discount of Rs. 300 as a launch offer. Additionally, if you purchase it along with a Google Pixel or Pixel XL or Moto Z, you can get an additional Rs. 2,500 discount.



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