Google Triangle

Google is testing a new app called Triangle, its new data saving application which allows you to optimize mobile data usage. Triangle allows you to check your data balance (on supported carriers), shows which apps use most data and decide to cut data usage for individual apps. Triangle is currently being tested in the Philippines.

The app not only saves data for you but also awards data for using certain installed apps or by downloading certain other applications. Apart from data rewards, Triangle lets you check your data usage and tells you how much data is remaining in your plan.

How Does Google Triangle Work?

Google Triangle

The Triangle app offers 4 modes to control unwanted data usage. Triangle allows you to either entirely Block an individual applications data usage or allow usage for 10 minutes 30 minutes or always on Data Mode.

Data Optimization Offers By Google

Google Triangle

Google has already offered good ways to optimize data usage. Google offers on data saving and its Chrome mobile browser. Also, the latest Android 7.0 Nougat update brings a data saver mode to Android devices. Triangle, however, is a more refined way to optimize data usage by not affecting overall usage. Through this app, you can keep data on for the required apps and block for others.

Triangle’s release hasn’t been formally announced by Google but is speculated to be released soon as discussions about the app were seen on the official forum last month.

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Google Triangle is a great innovation in data usage. Till date, we have had limited options to optimize data usage, that sometimes costs us the overall data performance of your phone. Triangle, on the other hand, allows a much better option to app-wise decide your mobile data usage.

The reward data is also a good offer to encourage users to download and use more applications and get more data in form of rewards from their carrier.

You can download the Triangle app for free from the Play Store (depends on availability in your region)


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