Popular photo sharing service Instagram has updated its apps to add a new Archive option. This new Archive option lets you hide your posts from your profile. The company had been testing it over the last one month, but now this feature is available to all users.

This ‘archive’ option for Android and iOS users lets you hide posts from your public profile easily without deleting them. This will be very useful for those users who want to hide some of their pictures or videos from their profile temporarily or for an indefinite time.

How To Archive Instagram Posts

Instagram archive

Here is how you hide any post and archive it. You can select any photo or video on your profile to archive by tapping the “…” three dots button on the top right side of the post, then click on “archive”. That particular post will not appear in your profile, although it will be there in archives.

This feature won’t remove posts from the service. So, don’t worry, your likes and comments are going to be there, but only you will be able to access them.

You can also restore these archived posts back to your public profile. For restoring, just click on the ‘Archive’ icon available next to ‘Discover People’ icon in your profile.

Also, Instagram doesn’t notify others of your archiving and unarchiving posts at all.  People will only be able to see your posts that are showing on your public profile.

Download the updated v10.21 of Instagram from below. The update is live on both iOS and Android.

Download Instagram for Android from Play Store.

Download Instagram for iOS from App Store.


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