iOS 11 Blue Bar Location

The developer preview of iOS 11 is reported to feature a color-changing status-bar, which turns Blue if an application is using your location in the background. The update also allows you to set when you want to allow an app to use your location. This is a big improvement since earlier, there were just option between ‘Always Allow’ and ‘Never Allow’.

More Choices in Location Settings

In iOS 11, Apple will offer you a third choice, to allow location usage to apps ‘Only While Using the App’. This feature is a compulsory for all apps so the ones that always need a location access, will have to give a good reason for doing so. Also, the presence of this feature means that the apps will not be using location in the background while draining your iPhone’s battery.

Not only a status bar color change, but the Blue status bar will also flash the names of those apps that are using your location. It is also reported that the location arrow on the top right of the iPhone has been changed in the iOS 11.

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Changes in the Location Arrow

The arrow that used to be hollow if location is not being used and solid when it was being used has been changed. Since in iOS 10, the user could not determine the amount of location data being pulled by an app, the location arrow will now be filled for several seconds and then flash back to hollow, depending on the amount of data being used by an app.

Smarter Privacy

This is a useful update to prevent any apps that access location in the background and display location-based advertisements without your consent. Apple is taking user privacy very seriously in iOS 11.

iOS 11 Blue Bar

Another notable thing is the flashing names of apps that the blue bar is active only on constant location usage in the background. Otherwise, you will be notified of any changes by the location arrow itself.

iOS 11 Availability

The iOS 11 will be available to public in September this year. While iOS 11 features an integrated Smart tracking-blocker into the Safari web browser, the Blue status bar is another move towards an improvised privacy and security of Apple users. The beta/developer version of iOS 11 has recently been unveiled.


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