iOS 11 public beta

Apple has rolled out the first iOS 11 public beta for compatible iPhones and iPads. The latest iOS version was introduced by Apple at the WWDC earlier this month. The public beta includes functional updates like AR-enabled Flyover, Siri & Search customisation, Do Not Disturb mode, Multiple selections and changes in photo editing.

iOS 11 beta release

The iOS 11 update will be available on iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It will also be available on iPod mini 2 onwards and iPod Touch and iPod 6th Gen. Prior to the release of this public beta of iOS 11, interested users had to sign up for a Developer Account with Apple at a price of $99/year. However, the public beta release is free for all to try on a compatible iPhone or iPad.

The Beta 2 update has received a lot of functional upgrades from Apple. The most significant ones are listed here.

AR-enabled Flyover View

It is a feature added to Apple Maps that lets you immerse in the world of Augmented Reality. It works using the various sensors on your phone to show you various angles and distances in maps.

Multiple Selection, Drag-and-Drop Support

Another significant update is the ability to select multiple items and dragging them to one destination, all at once. Through this feature, you can select one item, then keep pinching other items into that selected place and drag and drop all items wherever you want.

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Updates to Safari

Safari now supports ‘Tab options’ by long pressing on the address bar. The options that open include:

  • Close current tab
  • Close all tabs
  • Open new tab
  • Open new private tab

This is a useful update which makes web browsing faster and more seamless. The second upgrade on Safari is the support to Landscape mode. Safari will now support Landscape interface.

Do Not Disturb

iOS 11 beta release iPhone

Another interesting update for iOS 11 Beta 2. The Do Not Disturb while Driving option can now be toggled to automatic. This means the phone will automatically detect when you’re driving and you will not be receiving any notifications meanwhile.

In case someone tries to contact you, they get an automatic reply and the notification is hidden from your view till the Do Not Disturb mode is toggled off.

Siri & Search

Now you can toggle Siri on or off directly from the Siri & Search menu in settings. This can disable Siri toggle through the home button, avoiding a mistaken toggle that happens at times. Disabling Siri from this option means that you can access Siri from voice command.

Other Updates

iOS 11 public beta allows you to easily share screenshots as you capture them. Once you take a screenshot, long press on the thumbnail to toggle a Share menu from where you can easily and directly share it.

For the iPad, the iOS 11 brings an update which allows you to disable the ‘Recent Apps’ shown on your dock. I can’t figure out how this is useful by removing your recent apps, but then again, it is added personalisation for all.

The Photo editing button is now on the top-right of your photograph. So now you get the freedom to directly enter edit mode with one touch when you’re viewing a picture.

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With the iOS 11 public beta, Apple has added many functional updates as well as much more privacy protection for their devices. Certain features are yet to come and the final version of iOS 11 is yet to be rolled out later this year. Let’s see what more Apple has in store for us.


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