The recently launched OnePlus 5 is facing the ‘Jelly Scrolling Effect’. Some users of the device complained that the display on OnePlus 5 gives a stretching transition when scrolled vertically. Various theories have been presented by users about the issue. OnePlus has acknowledged the complaints and gave an official statement in this regard.

Some OnePlus 5 users on the OnePlus Official forum, XDA forum and Reddit have complained about the scrolling not being smooth on the OnePlus 5. When vertically scrolled, an unwanted transition is created on the screen.

What is Jelly Scrolling Effect?

It is basically a lag in the display, possibly caused by a software bug. On scrolling vertically, the display of some OnePlus 5 devices encountered this issue. It basically bundles up all the text in the display and stretches it when you scroll the screen. These contractions and expansion of display are being called the Jelly Transition effect.

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Possible Causes

Many users are saying that this happening because of Refresh Rate difference in the display. This implies that the entire display is not refreshing in a sync, thus causing the jelly effect while scrolling.

OnePlus 5

Another reason that is being put forward by users is the upside-down mounted display on the OnePlus 5. Users have reported on forums that the jelly effect is somewhat visible in all phones when used upside down.

Although we can assume both these theories to be wrong as OnePlus 5 shares its display with the OnePlus 3T. So, chances of a hardware issue or refresh rate are not there at all. Anyhow, XDA developers have also suggested that this can be a software bug.

Official Statement

Stating the issue as ‘natural’ and giving clear indications that OnePlus will not be giving any replacements for it, the company issued a statement saying:

‘We’ve received feedback from a small number of users saying that at times they notice a subtle visual effect when scrolling. This is natural and there’s no variance in screens between devices’.

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