Fake News Hoax

While social networking platforms are powerful tools to enhance our lifestyle, they also at times prove harmful as they act as a medium to spread false and inaccurate information. As a result, tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc., are designing algorithms to eliminate fake news on their platforms.

In one such example, a misleading spam message has been circulating on Whatsapp from the past few days. The message reads if anyone answers a call from a nine digit number 777888999, their phone automatically explodes. Moreover, it urges users to forward the message to others.

The message may sound credible initially as the phone number is a nine digit number instead of standard ten digit number. However, It is entirely false, and the possibility of such blast is zero.

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I know most of you might not take it seriously, but with growing usage of smartphones and social networking among older people and in rural areas, the message has a potential to create panic. Surprisingly, the message has been spreading at a rapid pace as some people are unwittingly forwarding it to their friends and groups. So we need to put a full stop to it before it causes unnecessary panic among others.

We advise our users to take responsibility and educate your friends and relatives if you receive such kind of messages in any group or personal chat.

Have you come across that message over the past few days? If so, do let us know in the comments section.

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