Samsung, in partnership with Google, has launched an exclusive Play Music feature for users of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. This feature is called New Releases Radio. It is a Google Play Music playlist which will be regularly updated with select artists depending on your usage.

Earlier in April this year, Samsung and Google partnered to make Google Play Music the default music player for Samsung’s flagship devices. Google Play Music allows users to create channels and upload songs to their virtual library, accessible from any device anywhere. The New Releases Radio is a playlist that is available to Samsung users who get a customised music recommendation, updated daily.

Google Play Music Samsung Exclusive

Apart from this exclusive playlist, the upload limit has also been doubled for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users. While regular users can upload 50,000 songs to their virtual libraries for free, Samsung users can upload up to 1,00,000 songs.

Play music exclusive for Samsung 3

Google Play Music offers multiple playlists. New Release Radio is just like any other playlist on Google Play Music. The experience, however, has been tailored for Samsung users who will have regularly updated music depending on their listening histories. There are currently 7 artists in this playlist and will keep expanding as it grows.

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According to Google, the New Releases Radio will be available for all Samsung devices activated after 29 March this year. Also, many Reddit users have reported that this playlist can be accessed on other devices like the Galaxy S7, suggesting that it may also show up on other OEM devices in the near future.

Apart from this playlist, Google music has a wide choice of music and artists globally and all of it is accessible by a subscription of Rs. 99 per month. Additionally, users who have not used Play Music before can currently get 3 months of subscription for free using the Play Music app.

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