SwiftKey, a popular third party keyboard app for iOS and Android, have launched transliteration support for Tamil and 7 more India languages. While the Tamil transliteration will be available in stable version, transliteration for Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu and Kannada will be there is the Beta Version. These 7 languages will be added later in the stable version.

SwiftKey will now provide corrections and word prediction in English as well as other native languages. This means convenience in typing a mixed language without the need to switch keyboards.

How is it useful?

Transliteration in this context means that when you type a word in one script/language, the typed word will be displayed in suggestions bar in the language you typed, as well as in the languages that you’ve downloaded in your SwiftKey keyboard.

SwiftKey screenshot
On typing ‘Morning’ the keyboard shows Tamil word, English word and English suggestion.

For example, if you are a Tamil speaker and mix Tamil and English while speaking, SwiftKey’s transliteration will help you type the way you speak. It will give you word predictions as well as corrections in both Tamil and English.

The result is that you can seamlessly type in your native language along with other languages like English on the same QWERTY keyboard. Also, since SwiftKey is an AI backed keyboard, it will learn, adapt and improvise according to your needs.

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Other languages Support

SwiftKey will support Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu and Kannada in the Beta version for now. The transliteration support will be out for these soon. For now, SwiftKey supports 22 Indian languages including Hindi and Gujarati.

About SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is a third party keyboard for Android and iOS devices. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and supports typing in multiple languages phonetically, i.e. without the need to switch your QWERTY keyboard to a different language.

The transliteration support for Tamil language was introduced at SwiftKey’s first Communications Summit held in Delhi.

Official statement

Aarti Samani, tech evangelist for SwiftKey India said, “A large proportion of users abandon using the native script altogether. Multi-script transliteration solves this problem. It is crucial to advancing the adoption of new communication technologies within India, while still encouraging linguistic richness and diversity.”


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