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Telegram Update Adds Video Messages And Telescope Features


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In its latest update, Telegram has started offering video messages service to its users from today. A user will be able to send the video message through chat on Telegram and tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode. After this, a user needs to top and hold the camera icon and record his message. After completing the message, the user can release the record button to dispatch the message.

Telegram Video Messages

Video messages will be fast and swift due to the reason that Telegram compresses the message before sending. The compressing is completed while recording the message. A user can also lock the camera in recording mode by swiping it up and recording the video message. The particular message also works with voice messages.

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The video messages are automatically downloaded and replayed by default. While watching the video message, a user can simultaneously browse other chats. The video will pop up in a corner and continue playing. A user can also move the message around the screen and pause it from anywhere in Telegram.

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Through Telegram Telescope, the user will be able to address their fans via public channels on Telegram. The video messages will make their connection to fans more direct and precise than before. Through Telescope, a user will get dedicated video messages which can go viral beyond the Telegram ecosystem. Telegram hosts autoplay round videos of up to 1 minute, this is also used for video messages. A user doesn’t need to have a dedicated Telegram account to view them.

Every public channel on Telegram will have a Telesco.pe URL with channel name. Under this dedicated channel, all the messages will be available to the public. Whenever a user posts a video message to the public channel. The video will be also uploaded to Telesco.pe and have a public URL there. The messages can be shared on Twitter or Facebook as well. In this manner, the content can be shared at an effective pace.

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