These 5 Apps are Revolutionizing the Home Buying Experience

More millennials are buying homes than ever, reports Housing Wire. And, with this generation growing up with technology, there are, not surprisingly, an increasing number of apps to support the home buying experience. These five are particularly revolutionary, changing the way potential buyers purchases houses for sale in Fresno, CA to Boston, MA and everywhere in between.


This is a great app for scoping out potential homes in an unfamiliar area. It will identify your location and then reveal how close the home is to key attractions, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, entertainment, banks and more that may influence where you buy.


Kind of like Uber for real estate, ArriveHome allows potential buyers to immediately access a real estate agent. It brings up a live map of available agents and then with just a click of a button, users can ask questions to find out more about a property or even schedule an on-the-spot showing.


If you see a home for sale that you like, and you have the Homesnap app, you can just capture a shot of it with your smartphone and it will put up the interior photos of the home and data from the Multiple Listing Service. It’s the real estate industry’s national search portal, which means you’ll get the very same real-time information agents to use. It can help you find a house, search for listings, find dates for open houses, search for homes in certain school zones, check property taxes, view the last sales price for a home and much more.

Curate by SIR

Curate by SIR is a free app that allows users to visualize a house as their own, actually seeing how the furnishings you plan to buy will look in the space, as a revolutionary app that changes the buying experience for all parties involved. Fill up the home with décor and furniture and view it in real-time with augmented reality technology which allows you to see the prospective house as your own actual home. It can be used pre- and post-buying, helping new homeowners as well, through AR, by designing and then making the best purchasing decisions possible.


It can be difficult to keep up with all the details of every property you visit without getting them confused when you’re looking at lots of different properties. In the past, potential homebuyers have usually had to take pictures and keep detailed notes on each one. Thanks to PicNote, however, now the process is much easier. The free app allows users to combine photos and notes for each property they visit, and it geocodes the locations automatically, which makes it much easier to recall properties.


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