Uber always rewards its top riders every now and then. After the launch of loyalty credit earlier this year, the company has now come up with another exciting offer for its top riders in India – UberVIP.

The UberVIP program in Delhi-NCR starts from 5th June 2017 only for a select few riders. As of now, it is available only till 18th June, so make sure you make full use of this program if you are selected.

So, what this UberVIP program has to offer you, read here.

What is UberVIP?


UberVIP is a promotional program of the company for its top riders. On being enrolled in this program, riders can get exclusive discounts, top driver partners, no cancellation fee and no subscription fees to access any of these features!

How to avail UberVIP program?

If you are a frequent rider of Uber, you will be able to see the premium tab with the UberVIP view from 5th June onwards.  Now, all you need to do is follow these steps to get this amazing offer:

  • First, tap on the ‘Premium’ tab available on your account
  • Select the UberVIP view
  • Now, request for a ride using this view

Voila! You are in the Uber VIP club. You can ride with the UberVIP experience and enjoy the features of this program.

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What are the benefits of UberVIP?

UberVIP will provide the following features to its top users:

Exclusive discounts

All rides requested using UberVIP view will be charged Rs. 99 for rides up to 9 kms, and Rs. 169 for up to 15 kms within Delhi NCR.

These prices will be automatically shown to you and you do not have to enter any promo code for it. These discounts are valid only if the ride starts and ends in the same coverage area. Like, if the ride starts in Delhi and ends in Ghaziabad, then it will not be discounted.

Top rated drivers

UberVIP program unlocks a VIP request option that connects riders with only the top-rated drivers at no additional cost. These drivers are those that have a good rating along with a decent drive history.

No cancellation fees

Sometimes after waiting for a long time, the drivers ask you to cancel your ride, which causes these cancellation fees that are always annoying. So, UberVIP saves you from these cancellation charges.

No subscription fees

You don’t need to pay any fee to access this VIP view. You’re already a UberVIP member if you are among the top riders.

There is not a surety if the cars will always be available to people requesting UberVIP. Also, there aren’t a lot of drivers with good ratings, so it might happen that you are not able to find your ride on time sometimes. Anyway, if you are a top rider, do have a look on this feature.


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