Chinese smartphone maker Vivo recently showcased their Under Display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanning solution. This means the fingerprint sensor can now be integrated within the phone’s display. Vivo has worked on this in collaboration with Qualcomm.

The 10th anniversary Apple iPhone 8 is also expected to feature this tech but Vivo has demonstrated it on a modified Vivo Xplay 6. Vivo has also managed to put a fingerprint sensor inside the metal back of your smartphone, hence eliminating the need of a physical sensor outside the phone.

The main advantages of Vivo Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution is the elimination of an outer sensor. The sensor is now inside the phone and secure from dust, oil and other contaminants that damage the physical fingerprint sensors.

Another advantage is the easy waterproofing. Vivo claims that their Under-Display fingerprint sensors will work under water as well. Also, when the physical sensor is secured inside the phone, waterproofing becomes easier.

Today, front mounted fingerprint scanners amount to hefty bezels at the top and bottom of the display. So when the fingerprint sensor is embedded in the screen itself, we have more space for screens with much fewer bezels.

How this works?

Vivo Under display fingerprint sensor

The Vivo Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution works using a Piezoelectric effect to produce and receive ultrasonic signals. These signals pass through your phone’s OLED display and reach the fingerprint sensor inside the screen.

Although the under display fingerprint sensor is a big innovation, it is yet not as responsive as traditional fingerprint sensors. The technology takes a little less than 2 seconds to unlock the phone and also needs a longer push on the display for the sensor to learn your fingerprint.

Also, this tech has been achieved on an OLED display only. This means that IPS-LCD display panels are not getting the under display fingerprint sensor from Vivo yet.


We should not forget that it is still in the prototype stage and substantial improvements may be seen in the coming months as Apple and Samsung are also expected to join the race.

The Under Display Fingerprint sensor will definitely revolutionise the way we see and use our phones. Also, elimination of physical sensor from the back of the phone makes it less exposed to dirt, dust and physical damage.


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