MediaTek vs. Qualcomm: Which Chipset you should have in your Smartphone, Tablet

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With smartphones getting cheaper by the day, even the layman is talking the chipset language. About 2 years back, you’d be tagged a ‘tech guru’ if you spoke about chipset and RAM and ROM; however, with smartphones fast becoming popular and affordable, you hear every other guy speaking the tech lingo. People now want to know what their hard earned money is giving them; the times when the packaging mattered more than the substance is long gone.

Most of us carry out an extensive research before going for a device, be it a mobile phone, tablet PC, desktop or laptop. This is because of the recent ‘awareness revolution’ brought about with the launch of affordable smartphones.

What matters the most in a smartphone? In descending order, it probably is processor, RAM, GPU, and then the rest follow. In this post, let us talk about the first and the most important component on your phone – the Processor.

We usually here names like Exynos, Snapdragon, etc. Another name which has cropped up recently is MediaTek. MediaTek is a relatively new chipset manufacturer, and the Taiwanese company is the latest among the previously mentioned ones to join the international scene. The company’s Modus Operandi is significantly different from it’s counterparts; MediaTek believes in profit from volume rather than bigger from from lesser units.


This is what has made the company the ‘go-to’ chipset manufacturer for low cost devices; almost all of the low cost devices originating from China, be it for consumption in the home country or for other brands like Micromax, feature MediaTek processors.

On the other hand, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is all about cutting edge technology delivered before anyone else gets there. However, Qualcomm chipsets, and therefore smartphones featuring Qualcomm chipsets, are usually much more pricier than their MediaTek counterparts. But, a few handset manufacturers are now offering older-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon processor powered phones to compete against this backlash from MediaTek. In this case, which device should you go for?

Qualcomm Chips

Well, many factors such as architecture, working frequency, etc. need to be kept in mind before going for your device. Comparing the MT6589 from MediaTek and MSM8225Q from Qualcomm, for example:

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Chipset MediaTek MT6589 Qualcomm MSM8228Q
Manufacturing process 28nm 28nm
Architecture Cortex A7 Cortex A5
Frequency 1.2 GHz per core 1 GHz per core
GPU PowerVR SGX 544 Adreno 203
Video Playback 1080p 720p
Screen resolution 1920x1080p 1200x800p
Power Efficiency High Low
Camera 13MP max 8MP max
Cores 4 4

As you can see from the table above, the MT6589 comfortably beats the MSM8225Q. Why do we compare these two only, even though the two companies have many more chipsets on offer? Because, the MT6589 and the MSM8225Q fall in exactly the same price bracket, as far as the handsets featuring them are concerned.

Does this mean that MediaTek is the better chipset manufacture out of the two? No. This was simply a comparison between the MT6589 and the MSM8225Q, two of the most popular low cost chipsets in the market.

We believe that you should make your choice depending on your budget. For example, for anything below 15k INR, you need not look further; MediaTek is the way you need to go. On the other hand, if you are ready to shell out some serious money (upwards of 20k INR), you should look at options other than MediaTek. The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro is a great choice; the MT6589T is something which tries to compete against the S4 Pro, however, the S4 Pro is the clear winner.

We think we have made our thoughts pretty clear. To sum it up, we say it again – go for MediaTek based devices if you are looking for a smartphone costing under 15,000 INR. On the other hand, going for a Qualcomm powered smartphone when on a higher budget is a better idea.

Please let us know of your thoughts on this! Feel free to comment and discuss.

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    • says

      At the moment it does seem a bit pricey, but then all components including the camera, display will be better than other MT6589 phones in the market. If the price goes down in a few weeks time, you might have a great deal in your hand!

  1. Jdutta says

    Hi Yash,
    Indeed a very great piece of info presented in a very lucid manner. Most of my queries are solved.
    Just want to know, which shall be a better buy, an older snapdragon or a newer mediatek ? Though the media tek wll be a good buy if buyers are looking for budget smartphones, how does it go with the pricier smart phones having more features and slightly older snapdragon processors? Please share your opinion and also in terms of HD or bigger application run with multitasking performance for both. That will be great.

    • says

      Hi and thanks!
      With an older Snapdragon based smartphone, you will have much better community and dev support whereas with a MediaTek phone you’ll get slightly better performance but the community and dev support won’t nearly be as much. So, if you don’t mind this you can go for a MediaTek phone. :)

  2. kushal mahajan says

    hello bro,,
    acy=tually m confused abt my device as i saw on net s2 i9100 is superb beats almost all devieces. but i dont knw why i want to change this. so i was comparing xperia c, s4 mini, quattro n core but cant deciede, with which deviece i shud go.please help me.

    • Abhishek says

      Tell us your requirements so that we can suggest the best device as per your requirement, all these phones are good but it depends on what you need that whats good out there, also let us know your budget.

  3. kushal mahajan says

    i want to operate dual sim phne.
    with fast processr. but actually i dont knw abt snapdragn or qualcom.. i can spend only 15 to 20 thsnd rs only

  4. Raj says

    which out of two is better? karbonn s1 or micromax a110q? both have 1gb ram and 1.2ghz quad core processors but the difference is in chipset. A110q has MTK MT6589M while karbonn s1 has a qualcomm chipset but dont know its model no. Do u know what it is and which out of 2 is faster?

  5. suthee says

    1.quad core GPS support
    3. gorilla glass or dragon trail glass with amoled
    4. normal 720 HD
    5. 5 inch display
    6. dolby or yamaha or dts sound
    7. Temple run should run without lagging.
    8. looking good finish

    Hi Abhishek,

    what will be u r best choice with above option, below 14k.

    • Abhishek says

      Gionee Elife E3, Gionee Elife E5, Videocon A55 HD, Lava Iris 504Q – GPS reception for all these phones work but needs some time to lock, rest all is good for these phoenes, you can select anyone of them – best as per us is Gionee Elife E5.

  6. Ramesh says

    Interesting read..
    I have a budget of 15 K for smartphone.. Preferences below
    Screen size : not more than 5 inches .. prefer upto 4.7 inches..
    1 GB RAM..
    Please suggest Nokia, Micromax or HTC phones in this range to choose from..
    & also the most preferred option as per you..
    Many thanks for reading and answering this..

  7. Ramesh says

    Please suggest a smartphone in 15K budget category from any Nokia, Micromax or HTC phone with 1GB RAM & less than 5 inches if possible.

    • Abhishek says

      Nokia – Nokia lumia 720 or 625 – they will be near the price budget you have.
      Micromax – Canvas 4
      HTC – HTD desire 600

  8. landik says

    Xperia C (Mediatek) vs Xperia SP (Qualcomm)? watcha think is the best? also, how a sony bravia engine affects the phone? and for GPU, u think sony xperia c can play HD games smoothly? thanks in advance

    • Abhishek says

      Xperia SP is a better choice out of these as in terms of durability. Specs wise, display, user available memory in all these departments sony xperia sp is a better choice.

    • Abhishek says

      we suggest you xperia l as it will be a better stable phone, but xperia c is good as well, but in built storage and camera is not too good.

  9. ahmad says

    thnx 4 the great info up there. actually, im still a little bit confused about this chipset. hmm..which one u prefer between htc 500 and lenovo, alcatel or huawei mid range phone? which spec should i consider if i want to use the phone for gaming n surfing internet.?

    • Abhishek says

      go for MT6589 with 720p display, you will get a great device for gaming and browsing and the opt the one with high battery as much as possible, lenovo P780 would be the best choice.

      • ahmad says

        ok…how about Huawei Ascend G700?does it good for gaming and surfing internet? since this device has 2gb ram and quad core

        • Abhishek says

          we will let you know soon, we will get this device for review soon, we will keep you updated once we do the full review.

  10. Dr. Rajesh kumar says

    wanted to buy a dual sim android phn within 20k…………….confused between xperia c, samsung grand duos and lenove s 890…..please help

    • Abhishek says

      lenovo s980 is a great device, however we liked the device at the times of hands on but we haven’t done the full review, so cant give u the final verdict. You can also select gionee elife e5 its a great device at this price point.

  11. Siraj says

    Wow…. the comparison was full of info. And the following Q&A resolved many queries, which I had before choosing a phone. Punch line for me – MTK6589 with 720p display… influenced my decision.
    Kudos for the gr8 job….

  12. rahul manshani says


    Please help me in choosing phone which one is better
    1. Micromaxx Canvas 4 A210
    2. Sony Xperia L
    I want phone for gaming please suggest me which one is better

    • Abhishek says

      Canvas 4 will be a better choice in performance and hardware in terms of the value for money, but after sales support of sony xperia l will be better than that of the micromax phone.

    • Abhishek says

      Both of them are average on graphics, you can select any one of them they will work fine in day to day usage. if you have any specific requirement, let us know so that we can help you better.

    • Abhishek says

      both of these phones are average on graphics, tell us your specific requirement so that we can help you better.

    • Abhishek says

      We havent compared a specific chipset from these brands, but still you can get a better idea with video in the blog post.

  13. Naveen_08081989 says

    Hi Yash, Abhishek
    Nice Explanation.. Presented in a very easy way. Clear many of my doubts
    Pls tell me a value for smartphone for me.
    Budget= 12000
    1.2 or 1.5 Quad Core 1GB RAM 4GB or More Internal Storage
    IPS Amoled screen 5 inch display
    play dolby or dts sound Dual Sim
    Dual Camera with LED Flash Rear Camera Minimum 8 M.P. or 12 or 13 M.P Which give good Experience
    Games and Performance should run without lagging with HD Graphics
    Looking good finish Play normal and 720/1080p HD Videos
    Jelly Bean 4.2.2

    I select Intex aquai5 and karbonn Titanium S5, if u have any other better option pls tell me

    what about Nokia Lumia’s Microsoft Platform? Does it better form android
    Any nokia handset u want to recommend?

    • Abhishek says

      Intex Aqua HD and Gionee Elife E3 would be better options as per your requirements, but you might not get 4.2.2 on these devices in this price segment.

  14. karthik says

    hi, i just need a clarification among these models that which1 will b better XOLO
    q2000,q1000,q1000s or q900
    my requirements
    *1080 Hd movies should not lag while playing
    *os should b 4.1 or above
    * price should be 15k to 17k
    *camer 8Mp,12mp with LED flash
    *Battery should atleast hold for a day
    Is xolo is the group of Intel,i hv heard something like this Intel(processor)nd Nvidia(graphics)both of them working together for Better performance nd Interface for xolo fones.
    Dualcore or Quadcore
    Dualcore consumes less battery while quadcore consumes more for better performance.
    which is better according to u for watching movies nd for better Use
    For my opinion i hv chosen 4 models which1 wil b better for me to buy …help me out with ur suggestion.

    • Abhishek says

      Xolo Q1000 seems to be best device for you, and xolo is not group of intel, there are some xolo phones on which you will see intel processor running inside thats the only phones where you will see xolo and intel coming together, but they are different companies and same goes for Nvidia as well.

  15. Somnath says

    Hi Abhishek,
    Really nice info you ‘ve given for an average Joe like me. I would be glad if you can guide with my cliche question. what would you suggest me between Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, MMX A116, Videocon A55 and Intex i5? I am looking for reliability with good performance, also heard that grand quattro hangs???

    • Abhishek says

      yes, grand quattro does hang at times as per the user feedback we have got from users. You can select any of the device out of the other 3, but the after sales support will not be good but you will get it for sure.

  16. karthik says

    ok..but yesterday i rundown the info abt xolo fones ..everyfone has some fault in it as a default defect that cant b solved by the manufacture i hv read buyers opinion saying dnt buy any xolo fones b’coz of poor service just check this website reading the comments am sure am not goin back wit xolo.To invest money in worthy am goin back to samsung with newly arrived samsung galaxy xpress 2.Anyway thanks fr ur suggestion.

  17. Girish says

    Nice info. Pls tell us the compatibility of apps with each chipset. I belive that is most crucial point for phone selection. Whats the use of having monstrous chip with no powerful app running on it.

    • Abhishek says

      There is no restriction on what apps can run on these two chipset device, but yes there are some games like asphalt 8 and some other which will refuse to run at times on mediatek medium hardware config chipset and same apply to qualcomm as well.

  18. neetu jain says

    i m confused between sonyexperia c and samsung grand duos plz suggest which is better out of them or let me know any other mobile in this range and do let me know which processor is better quad core or dual core for more apps and various other features downloading.and camera too.

    • Abhishek says

      As per the specs you will get better performance on sony xperia c than samsung galaxy duos and we will let you know once we do the full review of the phone.

    • Abhishek says

      we haven’t done the full review of any of these two, so cant comment about the gaming and performance, but stay tuned as we get the device we will review them for sure.

  19. ABACUS says

    Nice info.
    I want to buy phone under 15 k. requirements are as follow:
    Dual Sim,
    more memory,
    good battery, at least 1 ghz processor,
    camera >=5 mp
    android 4.2…
    please suggest between
    sony n samsung

  20. satpal says

    hii.. i what a gaming smartphone which run the games like gtavc, real racing 3, Gangstar MV, Modern Combat 2
    Modern Combat 3, The Adventures of TinTin,etc smoothly please help my budget is rs 20000

  21. satpal says

    gaming smartphone which run the games like gtavc, real racing 3, Gangstar MV, Modern Combat 3, The Adventures of TinTin,etc smoothly please help my budget is rs 20000

    • Abhishek says

      You can buy gionee elife E5 – most of the games you mentioned will run smoothly on that device or you can also select Lenovo P780 as well.

  22. prateek says

    Which is better ..since i am totally confused between windows and android….

    Nokia Lumia 520 or Micromax Canvas fun A76

    • Abhishek says

      Nokia Lumia 520 is a great phone and Canvas fun a76 is a also good, please tell us your requirements so that we can help you better.

  23. Akram says

    Thanks for this valuable information….
    Please explain about internal and external memory keeping performance in mind, If we can buy external memory card and expand our device memory, then why should we pay extra money for internal memory?

    • Abhishek says

      Internal memory is the in built storage which you get on the phone which you can use, but external memory is an SD card which you can use to have more memory in case you run out of internal memory. Internal memory comes with the device and its price is included in the device price and for some technical reasons you cannot run and store everything in the external memory.

  24. Akram says

    Sir, Is there any device which holds up my following list of specification.
    Price: Around 20k
    Screen: 7-8 inch, HD display , 1080p video playback without any lag, smooth game running (main requirement)
    Camera: no need

    • Abhishek says

      You can opt for a tablet – like Samsung Tab 3 T211 which can do all these thing as you specified in your requirements.

  25. Dinesh Jumani says

    can you please suggest me a good smartphone

    my requirements are :-
    1.Dual sim
    2.good battery backup phone that will receive android kitkat 4.4 update or at least it should have 4.2.2 jelly bean lease 1GB ram and 1GHz CPU and should have a gpu too least 4 or 8 GB internal memory or option to install apps to external sd card
    6.there should be front camera and primary camera in phone with led flash

    please suggest me a good phone with these specification the phone can be from currently available in the market or the new upcoming phones which will be launched but should be of good and branded company .

    waiting for you suggestion thanks in advance

        • Abhishek says

          Samsung galaxy grand, HTC desire 600, Nokia Lumia 720 and Sony Xperia C – but not all these device will full fill all your requirements.

          • Dinesh Jumani says

            and what about samsung s4 mini is it a failure set one mobile seller told me not to buy this phone because it is a failure set

          • Abhishek says

            we have no idea why that dealer said so, we havent received any major complaints on this phone from our readers and consumers, to whom we suggested this phone.

  26. syam says

    i would like to know the best of these three sony xperia l, xperia c or galaxy grand.
    i will use the phone for high end gaming and a lot of downloading
    so plz help me out

    • Abhishek says

      sony xperia c will be a better choice, out of all these options but all these phones including xperia c will be a average performers.

  27. Swanand says

    Which processor line is durable in long run among MediaTek & Qualcomm? Many of my friends flaunt their quad-cores at low prices (Canvas, Titanium etc). This certainly has raised a question in my mind. What is the exact factor that helps MediaTek (MT) to remain low cost chipset provider? Almost any budget smartphone you name, they pack an MT which makes available quad-core beasts easily at low prices. Does that mean all the flagships by big players launched whether in current year or previous year(s) are to be neglected? It would be great if you explain me all this scenario in detail.

    • Abhishek says

      MediaTek is relatively new chipset manufacturer, and as per the model they seem to deal, they find more profit in volume where as it is not the case with Qualcomm. Another reason for the low cost of the chipset are dependent on design, power efficiency and GPU performance and research work involved.

      MediaTek is a fabless chip maker based in Taiwan with a quarterly revenue of around a billion dollars. While it is likely to soon beat Qualcomm in terms of shipments volumes, it still has six times less than Qualcomm’s revenue.

      In short, as they play in volume so per chipset margin is fairly less as compared to qualcomm

    • Abhishek says

      Xperia c will be a better choice, but in built memory will be less. Xperia C will give you better day to day usage performance as per our tests, however dont expect it to be superfast but it will be better than slow grand duos.

  28. skhan says

    a very clean explaination …thank you very much
    and i want to know best phone for me…
    budget less than 20k
    gaming phone..good display..and it must be durable…apps movable to sd card(thats y i want to avoid sony)…nd i am a htc smartphone fan
    plz suggest quickly as possible

  29. David says

    Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8225Q VERSUS Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8225Q
    Which is better, processor-wise? Both phones have the same price and offers pretty much the same features…
    Thanks in advance!

  30. Hayk says

    I am now thinking to buy a new smartphone fora budget of less than $200. I am thinking between Alcatel one Touch fierce(Mediatek MT6589M) and Samsung Galaxy S Relay( Snapfragon MSM8260A)…What would you suggest? Good answers appreciated)))

    • Abhishek says

      Alcatel one touch will be a better performer on gaming but the average day to day usage scenario both of these will be pretty good.

  31. Tanmay says

    i wanted to know which one will be better?
    1. Canvas Turbo
    2. Sony Xperia SP
    3. Google Nexus 5
    Budget is no issue. Rply soon.

  32. Shubhrav Phate says

    I recently lost my phone i.e. thee Sony Xperia ZR, pretty sadly. I got a Canvas 2 Plus the next day. As a matter of fact I was pretty disappointed with this. I used to think of this device as a nobody you can say. I’ve been using this for the last week and I can now say that its pretty awesome though. I wont say it better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro but its great value for money. I havent put many games though as I’m worried its little 1GB RAM won’t be able to handle it. Its coming out to be a pretty decent proceesor the MT6589M and trust me this is coming from a hardcore Snapdragon fan. Truly bang for the buck. Great comparison author.

          • lolly186 says

            Hi Abhishek,

            I rarely see such straight forward suggestions which indeed value our money. Thank you so much Abhishek!!

            I started believing in Midiatek due to its performance in low price but I am seeking its true performance. Is the performance of Qualcomm octa core & Midiatek octa core same as I wish to go for low cost octa core smarphone like upcoming Micromax Canvas 5 or Intex i17? Do you have any other expert suggestion in 20k or 22k budget octa core smartphone? Additionally, I am looking for all the latest features/hardware like 13M or more camera, 5 inch or more full HD screen, 5M front camera, good battery backup, etc.

            Thank you in advance.

  33. Paddy says

    Please suggest me which is the good phone to buy between Sony Xperia L & Micromax Magnus A117??
    My Budget is around 15k and it would be my first android phone. If it is magnus then i would like to know how is the durability, battery life and after sales service??

  34. Bibhas Ranjan says

    Hello i m confuse between Sony Xperia L & M dual. or any device in that budget. please suggest. Thank you.

  35. says

    Hi Abhishek,

    I rarely see such straight forward suggestions which indeed value our money. Thank you so much Abhishek!!

    I started believing in Midiatek due to its performance in low price but I am seeking its true performance. Is the performance of Qualcomm octa core & Midiatek octa core same as I wish to go for low cost octa core smarphone like upcoming Micromax Canvas 5 or Intex i17? Do you have any other expert suggestion in 20k or 22k budget octa core smartphone? Additionally, I am looking for all the latest features/hardware like 13M or more camera, 5 inch or more full HD screen, 5M front camera, good battery backup, etc.

    Thank you in advance.

  36. mohan says

    Hi ,
    Very good explanation.
    I am looking to buy a mobile.
    My options are lenove a850, lg optimus g pro lite, LG optimus G pro.
    Which is best option and what will be your order of preference?
    And i love to buy lg optimus g pro but its out of my budget is Pro lite is perfect match in mid range?

  37. vivek says

    Nice article…I am looking for smartphone around 10K. Shortlisted Lava Q700 and micromax canvas2 plus but wary of after sales services of both..i am confused ..pls suggest..

  38. Lijoosh says

    Hey Yash,

    Really good article!!
    But have you missed something ? but you just mentioned about this….
    yes, It s Exynos…. If you would have been added one Exynos processor to compare along with these two, this article might become a wow :-)

  39. Subhransu says

    hi yash and thanks for the article. however I would like your opinion on whether to buy Canvas Magnus or Sony Xperia M? also please look into the Moto G (though it is not yet released in india, but soon to be launched). please compare this phones and let me know what will be the best buy according to performance and gaming?

  40. Ashwin says

    Bro, i thought of buying micromax turbo which costs approximately 19k. Even it has a MediaTek processor. Is it a good deal ?

  41. Ishan says


    Just like many others, I’m a hell lot confused about whether to trust Micromax/Xolo or go for Samsung. The features entice me towards Micromax but the more I hear about their poor after sale services the more it shifts me towards Samsung. Their features though don’t excite me.

    What should I do?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Abhishek says

      samsung devices will be slower but will have better after sales, but micromax devices will be faster but may not have a proper after sales support or it may be poor, if you dont face issues with micromax devices you are good to go but no one can confirm this.

  42. Prateek says

    Hey i am little confused… which is better xolo q700 or micromax a77 juice…

    I want a smartphone for gaming purpose , and also a good hardware mobile..
    which is better.

  43. Krishna says

    Want To buy a phone which has :
    Dual Sim
    Internal mem 16/32 gb
    Good Camera Front/Rear
    Good Audio O/p
    Full HD Screen
    Screen AMOLED 10 hrs.
    Budget under 25K

  44. Sneha says

    Hi Abhishek,

    Nice analysis.. Thanks.
    Looking forward to buy either Lenovo P780 & Sony Xperia SP.. Which one do you suggest?

    • Abhishek says

      Lenovo P780 will give you great battery power and sony xperia sp is a great value for money device as well, you can select SP if you needs looks or lenovo P780 if you need more battery power.

  45. shashi says

    A very nice piece of info. i just wanna know which is a better TAB between Samsung Tab-3 & Lenovo A3000…my requirement is surfing net, social media, gaming watching movies and music…

    • Abhishek says

      samsung tab 3 will have a better display – but overall lenovo a3000 will be a better value for money out of these two.

  46. Aman says

    Hello… Which is better (xolo q800 x , xolo q700 i , xolo q1000 opus , micromax a77 juice) which is better for gaming and hardware… and why..??

    • Abhishek says

      we havent reviewed all these phone till now, xolo q1000 opus is good and should be better out of all, but we will confirm this once we do the full review.

  47. sushant says

    since micromax canvas a77 juice comes with mtk 6572 dual core procesor is it good for gaming… what gpu does it have .. please reply asap.

  48. Siddharth K says

    I’m thinking of buying Micromax Canvas Magnus A117. Its really a feature rich phone which uses MTK6589 Turbo 1.5ghz quad core processor. Should i go for it? Or you have any other budget is 13k

  49. pranav aditya says

    which among sony xperia m / iball andi 4.5 quadro / zen ultra fone 701hd would you recommend for heavy browsing and camera quality ? is mediatek chipset inferior to snapdragon in terms of performance/logs/speed ?

  50. Prateek somawanshi says

    Hi Abhishek, Nice analysis.. Thanks.

    I m confused in between xperia Sp and C.I am not a hard core gammer.I want to buy a decent phone with nice specs and durability.There are rumors of discontinuation of SP in market.
    Please suggest out of these two which one to buy.

  51. Eldias says

    Please help me to decide. New Xperia C or used Galaxy Note 1. It has same price today. I looking for better camera and speed connectivity.

  52. Lakhan says

    I’M planning to buy a sony xperia c @ flipkart i’m getting it at Rs. 16919 because of the cashback offer is it a right choice or i shld go for some other mobile.??

  53. pranav aditya says

    which among intex aqua hd / iball andi 4.5d quadro / sony xperia m would you recommend for good camera and heavy browsing ? would snapdragon qualcomm processor be an overwhelming factor in speed and performance against mediatek ?

    • Abhishek says

      intex aqua has good camera – rest all are average and for heavy browsing most of these phones will serve your purpose. Snapdragon at this price good but lower on overall specs, the overall performance is again same and nearby to mediatek device.

  54. Shreyas K says

    Nice info, I wanted to know which one is the better between Micromax Canvas Juice A77 or Xolo Q500.. A77 has a MediaTek dual core processor and A77 has Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor.

    • Abhishek says

      Lg g pro lite would be a better choice if you want larger display, and P780 would be better if you want higher battery backup with slightly smaller screen in comparison.

  55. Arvind says

    Sony Xperia L, Sony Xperia C and Samsung Galaxy Grand duos. what will be the best choice according to performance and value for money.

    • Abhishek says

      Lumia 720 has better camera, better battery backup, great form factor. Xperia C is decent as per hardware but little bit high priced as per specs.

  56. Arvind says

    Xperia C has got an average of 7 points and Lumia 720 has about 8 points as per ndtv gadgets. does this means Lumia is better?

  57. Raiyan Tajwar says

    I have a question and I need the answer very quickly because I’ll buy a phone in a few days. Can I play GTA San Andreas in highest graphics setting and accelerometer turned on on the MT6589 Processor?

    • Abhishek says

      we will need to check that, we will let you know soon – you can play GTA but in high graphic mode on MT6589 that we need to check.

  58. mani says

    which is the best dual sim android in terms of performance ,gaming n mainly processor ?i am bit confused.And the budget is around 18k

  59. Sid says

    I have two phones on my mind
    1. Spice Pinnacle Pro Mi535
    2. XoloQ3000 (Phablet)

    Huge price difference, but if Spice Pinnacle Pro is a value for money i would go for it, also i would like your opinion about its battery status and will it be able to run smoothly based on its configuration basic games like temple run 2 facebook emails and simple apps etc

    Also i would like to have your comments on Xolo Q3000 as well in comparison to this phone based on who is better value for money if in case i change my phone within next 12 to 18 months.

    • Abhishek says

      spice device in this case is a better value for money, but if you need a large display device then go for Q3000 it seems to be a good device we are still waiting for the review unit of this one, so will let you know once we get it.

  60. karthick says

    I am waiting a long time for moto g to be released in India . What is your opinion about moto g ?Is it worth waiting for it? Or else any alternative phones ?

  61. karthick says

    I am waiting a long time for moto g to be released in India . What is your opinion about moto g ?
    Is it worth waiting for it?
    Or else any alternative phones ?

  62. anuj says

    Great article so far. :)
    I have researched various devices of various companies. I am here with some of them.
    1. Nokia 720
    2. Micromax canvas 4
    3. Karbonn Titanium S9
    4. Xperia L or Xperia C
    5. Panasonic P51
    6. Lenovo S820 or P780
    7. Grand Quattro
    8. HTC Desire 501 Dual sim (New)
    Which one do you suggest? Phone should not lag and should perform well. Budget is 18,000. Or I should wait for Moto G.? Please help. Awating for reply.
    And please rate above devices in terms of user experience and performance.

  63. Sidharth says

    i wanted to know which one will be better?
    1. Sony Xperia SP
    2. Sony Xperia C
    3. Grand Duos 2
    I looking for better camera and fast processor speed .
    Plz Suggest me…

  64. Amit Sharma says

    Hey Dude,
    Nice info, i like that.
    need some more..which one is better
    Micromax a63 or Lenovo 369i
    Both are almost of same budget (5-6K).

  65. ANKUR says

    lenovo s820 with mediatek chipset vs moto g with snapdragon ? which one is likely to lag ? which fone & processor of the two is better in long run in terms of performance ?

  66. vandana says

    can you tell me which will be better lenovo S820 or Moto G ?
    Need mostly for gaming and pictures should have decent battery life

  67. Pavan says

    Hello Abhishek – Can you suggest me which processor is best in terms of audio quality ? Is it snapdragon or MediaTek or Exynos ?

    • Deepak Singh says

      all of these support most of the popular Audio Codecs so it narrows down to the audio file you have downloaded and audio hardware and software, like speakers and player, on your phone

  68. saurav says

    bhai 20k tak ka best phone btado. bhut confuse hun, MotoG, Micromax turbo, samsung grand2 ?????

    hang wagera na ho, and latest ho sab kuch…..

  69. Harshal says

    I need to know which is better amongst canvas turbo and moto g.I know that turbo is better but it uses everything cheap.And recently some micromax phones have burst .Please tell why the phone you decide is better.

  70. sam says

    which will be better option ;qualcomm snapdragon msm 8930 krait [xperia l] or msm 8226 cortex a7 [moto g] in terms of raw performance and gaming ?

  71. Vineet Singh says

    which processor is fast, qualcomm snapdragon 400 vs mtk6589.
    Moto G is using: snapgragon 400
    Canvus 4 is using MT 6589
    Which handset is best to buy???????????

      • Johnny says

        Premium experience in what way. Kindly elaborate. I am using Micromax Canvas fun A76 for more than 3 months and I feel I have a premium feel. It depends on what the buyer wants, not necessarily what you or me say.

        • deepak3118 says

          well i really find GPS and Location services non reliable on MediaTek chipsets, perhaps i haven’t had much luck with MediaTek devices. Same goes for battery. Moto G also scores well on display. Ultimately yes, it depends on what buyers want and not what i think.

  72. says

    1) xolo a500s
    2) lava iris 405+
    3) canvas fun a74
    4) karbonn a12+
    5) geonee p2
    in the above order which is best?
    i required hd gaming smoothly,install apps to external storage, good speed and better perfomance like touch response, multitasking etc., good battry backup,
    min. 6 months use without any problem and good after sale service.
    in kerala.
    thnx in advance.

  73. Abhinav Phirani says

    Dear Yash,

    That’s a very lame way to explain the difference. I read the specifications on Wikipedia before looking here. You forced your suggestion that Snapdragon is better but u did not mention what makes it better. a li’l more is expected of a technical guy. You should try something else tech blogging is not your cup of tea. Giving you a clue for research on this topic: read more about the GPU of both processors you might find the reason.


    • Deepak Singh says

      Hi Abhinav
      Author is well-versed in technology and has ample firsthand experience with both chipsets. Most people don’t require that kind of detail. Another fact is that even the best tech minds cant judge a processor by on-paper specifications as it is not solely dependent on GPU (far from it). you have to use and test them to know them. Thanks for sharing your opinion. we will try to incorporate more details in future articles
      Thank You

  74. shivendra srivastava says

    Thats the information which i was looking for and plz plz if you can suggest which is better xolo q1100 or gionee elife e5 on the basis of cpu and one favours snapdragon 400 msm8228 and the latter mtk turbo .plz reply and thanks in advance

  75. Awais King says

    Well, can you create custom ROMs for MT6575 or MT6577?
    But you can’t make custom ROMs because it’s closed source, but only you can change resources from framework-res.apk!
    I hope in future we can make custom ROMs for MediaTek, and MediaTek goes opensource.

    -Awais King

  76. girish says

    Very good piece of article!
    I have a question for you. Which one to go for between Moto G (Snapdragon 400) and Canvas Magnus (Mediatek MT6589T)?

  77. mahadev says

    i want to know what is diffence between cortex and mediatek processor.i m confusing abt these to buy gionee m2

    • Deepak Singh says

      Cortex A7, A9 , A5 , A15, etc is processor architecture and Mediatek is the manufacturing company which manufactures processor based on all of these architectuer. Gionee M2 has Cortex A7 based MediaTek chipset

  78. Tanmay Singh says

    Hello Yash, Indeed a great post, tech stuffs simplified, Am sure it satisfies the curiosity of most people lookin out for “an-apt-information”.Thanx a lot and keep the good work up.:)

    I am quite confused .Hope you can help me out.(Sorry if the post gets too long, wanted to review every apect b4 a buy ).

    Budget between 15k-18k..

    Please suggest me among the phones. Xperia c v/s mircomax turbo/magnus a 117(coz of itx xpandable memory feature and almost” near- to- canvas -turbo -specs” at low price.

    Recently micromax launched knight a350.Will it be a good buy?( am ready to shell 20K)
    My usage would include fiddling with apps, am not game-savvy at all.
    ##Am a music lover (so xperia c is good) but with a good quality headphones, can micromax fare at at least near xperia c?
    ##294 ppi xperia c v/s 441 canvas turbo/knight .Is the difference too much or little?(cuz sony is known for better displays

    • Deepak Singh says

      Micromax Canvas Turbo doesn’t have a lasting battery backup, and battery backup is one of the most important specs for those who like to fiddle with Apps. If you can wait, try to wait for Moto X announcement (But that might take some time).
      yes their was no problem with audio quality in Turbo unit we reviewed
      Canvas Magnus seems like a better choice out of the three.

  79. Rohit says

    hi!! I m thinking of purchasing Lenovo P780 phone 8gb internal, Mediatek mt6589 worth 17,000 but my friends says if u r purchasing at that price level go for phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset . Does the chipset makes any difference. Is mediatek chipset better to have does it have any problems. Waiting for reply……………

    • Deepak Singh says

      Lenovo P780 is a good phone. There was no lag what so evere in this phone. only downside is that it was slightly heavy

  80. Vatsal Doshi says

    Hello, I want a Dual Sim phone with good battery life (at least one and a half day with Heavy usage) and performance should be smooth. I want an Android. Which smartphone would best suit my requirement??

    • Sanjay Firenze says

      hi vatsal….u can go for moto g which would cost u around 14000…but if u r nt sure about moto and its services in india…i wud suggest go for samsung galaxy grand quattro at about the same price….
      if u need more options..kindly visit my fb page “techsavvy” to know more…hope it will help…

  81. Vatsal Doshi says

    I want a dual sim phone with a good battery life(at least one and a half day with heavy usage). The performance also should be smooth.I wang an Android. Which phone will suit my requirements?

  82. JIJIN DANIEL says

    please tell me
    Karbonn S9 Titanium
    or Spice Pinnacle Stylus Mi-550
    is better??
    or recommend a phone around 10k with similar configuration

  83. Joep says

    I need your suggestion.
    Just between Lenovo P780 (8Gb) and Motorola Moto G Dual SIM (16Gb), which one has better value?
    It is a bit difficult to decide whether I should buy the first or the second one.

  84. ahmad says

    Hello, I would like to know which brand smartphone is best which Includes MediaTek chipset {fast performance,full HD quality , good battery back and good camera } among “Goinee, Micromax, Huawie & lenovo” or any .

    • Deepak Singh says

      it narrows down to after sales support. Though we have received bad customer review regarding after sales support for all brands, Gionee and lenovo are relatively bettter.

    • Sanjay Firenze says

      hi ahmad…if you prefer mediatek processor over the others then i wud suggest go for gionee e7 mini…it has superb features at the price level…but yes after sales support is a bit of such case micromax will be best….
      if u need more answers visit my page “techsavvy” to know more…hope it helps..

  85. Bhaskar says

    Hello, I am looking for phone in range of less than 15K.
    Please help to select from these two.
    Xolo Q1010 and Xolo Q1100.

  86. sunil says

    Need your help in deciding the best among Micromax a117 (Mediatek chip set), Moto g (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset ) and Nokia Lumina 625.
    Price range upto 15 K
    looking for one which has fast performance, good music, camera, browsing and battery backup.
    Not much of gaming.
    if any other options plz suggest.

  87. Vinay says

    Recently nokia released nokia x into market and m interested in it. It uses snapdragon s4 processor. Is this a good phone to be my first android in my pocket for 8.5k ?

  88. vibhu says


    i am in a state of dilhemma ,sony is producing good smartphones with very good hardware and software response and after sale,i got budget like 17k max and xperia c and xperia l are good options but xperia c has got Mediatek MT6589 while l sports Qualcomm MSM8230 Snapdragon so,which should i go for ???.please assist …….and does xperia c will have lagging problems???. please reply soon!!! .thanks in advance…….

    • akshit says

      Dont go for either of them go for lg l90 or grand 2!! Bcoz mediatek offers low speed nd xperia l cpu is just clocked at 1ghz dual core

    • Sanjay Firenze says

      go for sony xperia sp….it is the best dual core phone at present..wit a snapdragon krait processor which beats even quad core ones.

  89. Harsh Pundhir says

    please tell me which phone to buy between “Lenovo S660” which has Mediatek MT6582M Processor, 3000 maH battery and “Motorola Moto G” which has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Processor, 2070 maH?Thanx in advance.Please reply asap

  90. nagraj says

    sir is micromax canvas 2 colours good to buy having mt6582? or i should go for nokia phones?

  91. J N says

    According to my personal experienced with both snapdragon n mediatek android phones; i was far more impressed with mediatek than snapdragon.

    • Thomas Andrejko says

      Lol I can’t take your post seriously. You must be joking. Probably can’t afford a snapdragon.

      • Amitoj Singh says

        Any one who can buy a mediatek can buy a snapdragon as well. And if you are comparing a 15k device with a 30k device, you are probably a stupid. However, if you compare two devices with same prices which have snapdragon and mediatek I bet Mediatek will beat it hands down!

  92. Bipul Sharma says

    This comparison is indeed very much helpful, specially for customers like me. I have been looking for a smartphone below 15K and was confused about the different chipsets. Now my confusion is cleared. Thanks a lot Mr. Garg.

  93. Abhay Kumar Somani says

    Micromax Canvas 2 Colours or Lenovo A706??
    Which one to go for??
    If you have any other device under 10k,u can suggest dat also….I am looking for overall quality(incluyding after-sales services) and not just specifications…Plz help me decide

  94. aditya says

    East or west Micromax is the best. Be Indian stop promoting chinnese. Our economy is already out of track and chineeae companies are trying best to supress Indian brands.

  95. Peeyush Chaturvedi says

    hello i want a phone under 20k and should be best in gaming and sound
    will acknowledge reply thank you. and yeah how is sony xperia c and panasonic p81

  96. Rohan Patil says

    Hi! Im tied between Moto G and Alcatel onetouch Idol X+. Both hav fantastic pros but considerable cons! Plz suggest wich one is better!

  97. Sivagnanam R says

    Plz help i’m get confused among Sony Xperia M dual & Lenovo S660…. which one best for cpu & battery performance wise..

    • deepak3118 says

      Moto E has a bogus camera. If you can live with that go for Moto E, as its overall better in our opinion.

  98. Sujeet Dhamanage says

    Please suggest me Best Android phone in India price range upto 20k INR.. With its +ves n -ves…

  99. says

    micromax canvas 2 colors (media tek mt6582), micromax Elanza 2 (qualcomm snapdragon 200) or micromax magnus (Mediatek MT6589T)??? really very confused, like to watch movies, play games and i m into graphic designing…need clear display with non hang phone, please suggest. can u plz give these 3 phones rating from 1 to 3. 1 being the best and 3 low…thanx in blog though..keep it up bro.

  100. puchasanyasi says

    Micromax has launched Canvas Elenza 2 which has a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm snapdragon chipset. from a brief interaction, the build quality is better than other micromax phones viz unite 2 etc. but no otg, 4GB ROM are the issues. I wanted to keep a phone for 2-3 years. will this phone gets any good review? mobile phone shop owners tell they are selling unite2, canvas 2 colors and elenza 2. Can someone authenticate this claims?

  101. harshit says

    which is better HTC desire 616 or moto g(2nd gen)
    i am little bit concern abt the andriod version of htc is it is upgradable to kitkat?
    and after sales service of moto g

    • deepak3118 says

      no word on software update for Desire 616. After sales services of Moto G are satisfactory according to most users reviews, but we have heard complaints about all brands. Both phones are good, but in our personal opinion Moto G is better.

  102. Amit says

    Hi, I want to buy a phone under 15000. I good camera and fast processor so, I have opted two phones moto g 2nd gen and lenovo s850, which is a better option??

  103. JamesVMM says

    I have bought a tHL W100 when it came out, which has a Mediatek-6589 processor, running on Jellybean (4.1.x). It is really cheap, around $134 USD-spare battery included. (Typical China Phone)

    The only problem was after I bought the phone, I only received one update. Just one FREAKING update. No other support for newer versions of Android. That’s it. I bought a cheap phone, I get cheap services.

    I already gave up but news finally came out that Mediatek released an update allowing devices running on Mediatek-6589 to receive KitKat updates. My hopes went high, but no, ThL is not going to update a phone it has released more than a year ago. It will just, of course, focus more on the newer handsets it has just released.

    A few years back, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace running on Gingerbread, with a Qualcomm processor. Definitely more expensive at the time it was released around 180 to 200 USD. I got around 7 updates from Samsung, including a jump from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) from a rom developer.

    I have learned my lesson. For someone like me who wants a device that can keep up with all the updates and new technology released every few months, I will buy a more expensive device, possible running on a more expensive Qualcomm processor. If I want more bang for buck, but with extremely limited support, possibly a 1 year lifespan, then Mediatek has my money.

  104. Mudy Roads says

    Do you have any thoughts on the Poshmobile Titan HD looking at it’s specs? Bought one as a gift and much impressed and my get one for myself.I’ve had aiPhone 3GS for years now and looking for an Android.It has a Octacore,etc. Thanks US

  105. Suraj Yadav says

    mediatek processor win each comaparison against snapdragon then how it looses in high end phones
    .do it have any shortcomes??

  106. xyz says

    I love gaming and clicking pictures.So,Which phone should I buy among canvas knight/grand prime/canvas nitro/grand2???plz someone suggest

  107. Akash Barad says

    Hi I’m stuck between 2 phones and the main confusion is Processor one is HUWAI HONOR HOLLY (1.3 GHz, Quad Core, Mediatek MT6582 Processor) and the Second is XIOMI REDMI 2 (1.2 GHz, Quad Core, Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 Processor) which one will be better other specs are okk for me…
    … Huawei Honor Holl

  108. deepali says

    what about sony e4 dual sim… acctualy i m looking to buy phone nd nyone suggest me to buy this one… can u plz tell me that m should purchase or not… nd this phone is hving problem of hanging or not my budget is 11500

    or if u hve anyone other option in this range plz tell me …(i want phone superior in camera battery life full hd minimum 5 inches screen ) thnks in advance…

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