5 Questions About e-RUPI Answered- How it Works, Partner Banks, Benefits and More

हिंदी में पढ़ें PM Modi today announced India's new digital payment solution- e-RUPI, which is a prepaid e-voucher. This will be issued to anyone so that the benefits from the government and other authorities can...
hange Default Apps in Windows 11

3 Ways to Change Default Apps in Win­dows 11

When you open a file on your computer, it opens in the app set as the default program- a text file will open in notepad while the music will play in Windows Media Player....

How to Add Your Own GIFs to Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram

GIFs are the new normal nowadays, as they are quite popular on social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc. A very famous saying is "A Picture is worth a thousand words"....

2 Ways to Take Notes During Online Class or Meeting Automatically

Nowadays everything is going online be it classrooms or office meetings. During these classes or meetings, you might need to take notes of important points that are being said. I know most students don't...
Things to Check Before Buying a Old Used Smartphone

6 Things to Check Before Buying an Old Used Smartphone

Second-hand smartphones can give you a good deal for your money. So if the new ones don't suit your budget, you can always go for a pre-owned or refurbished phone. Now, if you're buying...

2 Ways To Fix Low iPhone Volume in Headphones

Is your iPhone's volume too low on headphones? Many of you must have been wondering why your iPhone keeps lowering the volume when you start using the earphones. Well, this is a new feature...

How to Lock Chrome Incognito Tabs with Password on iPhone

Google Chrome has an incognito mode that helps you in private browsing cause it doesn't save any history and when you close the browser, all the history and browsing data get cleared automatically. Sometimes...
3 Ways to Download Reddit Videos with Sound on Android, iOS

3 Ways to Download Reddit Videos (with Sound) on Android, iOS

While browsing Reddit, you may come across images or videos that you'd want to save on your phone for sharing later with friends or social media. While it's quite easy to save images, the...
stop getting random video calls on Google Duo

Stop Getting Random Video Calls On Google Duo on Android, iPhone, or Web

हिंदी में पढ़ें Do you get random video calls from strangers on your Google Duo app? Well, this is one of the downsides of sharing your phone number in a Google account. So when...