32 Types of User Data Facebook Collects; This is How You Can See Yours

Recently Facebook raised data privacy concerns with WhatsApp privacy policy changes and users were worried about data sharing with Facebook. However, WhatsApp later clarified its privacy policy and answered some questions which explained not...
Trick to Reduce Mobile Data Usage in Google Meet

Trick to Reduce Mobile Data Usage in Google Meet

Being one of the popular cloud meeting platforms, Google Meet is currently being used by students, employees, and teachers across the globe to interact with each other. While online meetings are safe and preferred...
How to Share Paid Android Apps with Other Google Accounts for Free

How to Share Paid Android Apps with Friends & Family for Free

We often pay for apps and games on Google Play Store. However, what if I tell you that these purchases can be shared with other Google accounts, i.e., your friends and family for free?...
delayed notifications

[Working] 7 Fixes For Delayed Notifications on Your Android Phone

Sometimes we get delayed notifications on Android smartphones and this may be frustrating, especially at times when these notifications are from certain work-related apps. Sometimes app notifications arrive a few minutes late and sometimes...
Make GIF from Video and Screen Recording on Android & iOS

3 Ways to Make GIFs from Video & Screen Recording on Android & iOS

GIFs are quite popular on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. People use these short animated images to express their mood and sense of humor on...

Can ‘Arattai’ Be Your Desi WhatsApp Alternative?

Zoho, an Indian software development company has now launched its own instant messaging app called "Arattai" after the recent WhatsApp privacy policy changes. The desi messenger app has now crossed 50K+ download on Play...
How to make memes on Android and iOS for Free

5 Best Ways to Make Memes on Your Phone for Free (Android and iOS)

"Meme" has become a very common word in our everyday life. Unless you live on a deserted island in complete isolation? Well, if you do. How are you accessing the internet from there and...
Find Apps That Can Access Location

3 Ways to Find Apps That Can Access Your Location on Android

Whenever we install an app on our smartphone, it asks for a lot of permissions mainly location, contacts, microphone, etc. Sometimes we are more concerned about our privacy and don't want the app to...
3 Ways to Reduce Video File Size on Phone and PC (No App Needed)

3 Ways to Reduce Video File Size on Phone and PC (No App Needed)

At times, you may want to share your videos with others. However, the large video size could be highly time-consuming for both parties and may take up a lot of data bandwidth. This is...