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iShieldz Screen Gaurd For iPhone 5 Easy To Apply With Auto Align and Kill Microbes

Putting iPhone screen guard on your iPhone is big deal if you are not habituated to do this. The only problem is that if you make a single mistake while it then your screen guard will have large number of bubbles above the screen which will be worst that having scratches on your iPhone. Today in this post we will review about a screen guard which has an automatic installation device to install the screen guard smartly and quickly on your smartphone without any scratches.


This scratch guard is from iShield, and the it has been named as ‘Dry Seal Auto Align’, as they claim that the material used to prepare this screen guard is strong enough to bear all the scratches which your iPhone may have on its roughest day. Please refer the video to see the exact installation of this guard which is the most special part, you will place your iPhone in a tray and then you will put the screen guard above that tray.

Guide To Apply iShieldz Screen Gaurd on iPhone 5

With the help of the roller you will peel off that cover of screen guard and it will also press the screen guard on the screen simultaneously and this way the screen guard will be perfectly aligned to the screen of iPhone 5 and with no bubble at the border of home button. Visit this link for more types of screen guard but this is the only type which comes with a roller for auto and easy aligning of screen guard on your iPhone 5.


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