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Nokia Lumia 920: How Wireless Charging Works and How Good It Is

One of the best features for new Nokia Lumia is being awaited in the wireless charging which is totally a new concept in charging any gadget. In the new Nokia Lumia phone you will not have any port to insert the plugin to charge the phone rather the shell covering that Phone will be working as the charging media and in this post we will talk that how this technique exactly works in these new Lumia phones. Moreover what are its advantages apart from ease in the charging the device.


The principle behind this is very simple, the pas on which you put Lumia phone has a big coil inside it and the same but of a smaller size is available inside your phone. Now when AC current passes through the bigger coil then it induces the magnetic field in the smaller coil which is placed upon it thus inducing the voltage in the phone. Actually the shell covering the phone is solely responsible for charging this phone and this shell also acts like a hard cover or a case. This is the same principle which was discovered by Michael faraday in 1831.

I am not sure that whether this is a faster/slower/similar way to charge the phone but while charging your phone this way you will be able to hear the songs or use any application on it which is strictly prohibited. The charging pads which are available as of now in the market are:- Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy, Nokia Wireless Charging Stand, or the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia and this is the only gadget I have been talking about for listening the songs while charging the phone.

Nokia has been talking Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Virgin Atlantic to create table which will act like the big charging platforms for such phones like Lumia 920 and 820. Nokia has specialized this technique in such a manner that you will not keep your phone precisely over the pad; just put it on the pad but your phone should not lie outside the pad. Just for the sake of geeks I would like to mention that like every technique has a reference and a standard and so Nokia in this case follows the ‘Qi standard’ developed by Wireless Power Consortium.

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This is a great feature in these new phones which will attract the users to these phones. And its future will be very much bright if the coffee tables and the tables at other public places get replaced by this new charging technique. The best part is that you will have to switch ON and OFF the charging as soon as the phone touches the pad the charging automatically gets switched ON and as soon as you remove it gets OFF.


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