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Spice Stellar Pinnacle 5.3 Inch Dual SIM Android Phone Launched At Rs. 14000 INR

Many of my friends were talking about Canvas by Micromax as in India the user always prefers to buy a low end Android device and thus the mobile manufacturers like Spice, Karbon and Micromax etc they come to play their roles. Most of the users have been looking at this phone as a great alternative to the expensive android phones with huge screens. Till few days back Micromax was the only one offering this, but Spice has also joined the league with the Stellar Pinnacle Mi-530 which is available at 14000/- INR. Yeah!! I know it is little expensive but I will personally recommend the users to go for this phone as there are many great features in this phone which are always available in the high-end expensive devices.


Important hardware specifications are mentioned as follows

  • 1.2 GHz Processor, enough to make you Android phone stable (Don’t go on the high value of processor offered by these mobile manufacturer companies, because the Android skin installed in the phone is highly responsible for the UI lag in the device. So, even if the processor is powerful it might not help if the Android skin has not been produced properly).
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is much faster and less battery consuming than its predecessor Bluetooth 2.1.
  • Dual SIM phone (GSM + GSM)
  • 5.3 inches screen display size
  • 2550 mAh Li-ion battery (long battery life where iPhone 4 is 1450 mAh)
  • 1 GB RAM and 16GB internal memory and expandable upto 32GB.
  • 8 Mega Pixel (Rear Camera) and 5 Mega Pixel (Front Camera) with Auto-Focus, panorama, face beautification and continuous shots.

You can expect these features now a days in any Android phone but what makes me recommend this phone more than the Canvas are mentioned below.

  • Syncing of the songs and other files on your phone with your computer over Wifi, you don’t need to connect the cable unless you want the syncing to be done at a very high speed.
  • Gesture based screen lock and moreover unlike other phones you will not have to download a separate application to lock the some of the private applications on your phone rather this feature is already available on the phone.
  • Similar to the Note 2 feature you can use 2 applications simultaneously on your screen on a screen divided into 2 sections.
  • OTG cable, with the help of this cable you will be able to use mouse, keyboard, USB drives but not huge ones (like 1 TB)
  • The phone will get automatically mute once you turn the screen to the opposite side (this was first scene in the HTC sense) and the same feature will help you to answer the calls automatically when you bring it closer to your ears.


I hope that this phone will surely give a good fight to its competitor Micromax and will eat some of the market of Samsung Note 2. Though there are many attractive features listed with this phone, but I will recommend the readers to wait unless they see the hands-on.


Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh, a software engineer who is very much interested in social engineering. He is responsible to manage all the social media profiles of Gadgets To Use. He also has a hobby of tracking new apps and gadgets and to share them with our readers as well.