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Card Ninja Credit, Debit Card Holder For Smartphone

Card Ninja has introduced a Cardninja wallet in the CES 2013, which is a thin and flexible wallet that can be attached to any smartphone or Blackberry and lets you store credit cards, debit cards, cash, a driver’s license, gym membership, and anything else that you want to keep with you. This CardNinja’s pocket is made from a very high quality spandex which make it durable and reliable for a long use. This wallet is backed with a high-tech adhesive which lets it adhere securely to the back of any phone, and also lets you remove it very comfortably without damaging your smartphone.

But more importantly when it comes to security which is the main concern this wallet is very secure. you can try flipping your phone/CardNinja over and it can guarantee you that everything stays the same. Moreover the credit card numbers and sensitive information are concealed under the front cover. Additionally, it gives you the ability to keep your valuables in a front pocket, as opposed to stuffing a large wallet into a back pocket. Women can keep a few important items with their phone, and avoid having to dig through a large purse in a public setting.


Now since most of the smartphones have camera on there back you can stuck for a question that will this wallet block your camera. The answer is no. In the above picture you can see that. But in few models it could interfere depending upon there size. Even fully loaded with cards, cash, and even business cards, the phone’s camera and flash won’t be affected. On some smaller phone models, you may have to simply slide out the cards, use the camera, and then slide the cards back in. One thing you should note that we can not assure you if this wallet could work for all the cover. As it all the cover type cannot be tested.

Again as today there is always a fear of thefts, pick pocket you can assured the safety of your wallet now. you can have software such as “Where’s my Droid?”, “Find my iPhone”, and “Blackberry Protect.” and these programs let your phone’s gps send you a message stating exactly where you left it. so with you phone you can easily find back you wallet.

Hands on Card Ninja at CES 2013

One thing we have to look if Your phone will not de-magnetize the credit card or not. But the company has guaranteed that Your phone and credit cards will not de-magnetize each other. Still we will say this is a really a useful wallet which can be used to carry the Cards  with your smartphone. It could be a safe and secure mean to handle the cards.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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