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Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 Review and Hands on Video Demo

Google Glasses have been a lot in the news and similar to what they have shown Vuzix has already come up with something quite similar and they claim that the device named as Smart Glasses M100 is highly capable of making your phone usage easier by helping you to operate with the help of voice command and gestures. The glasses will help you to see the screen all the time by connecting itself with the phone through Wifi or Bluetooth.

The best feature is that is has Android Ice Cream sandwich and it has got a camera embedded in it, which makes it really easy for the user to capture any image and video without taking out your phone and then unlocking it and then finding the suitable application to do so. Moreover it also claims that you will be able to see the application of phone working in front of you on the screen and in future they plan to develop the this device specific application which will do the things automatically by taking the photo and then sending it online to check the product and displaying more information about that product on the display of your smart glass.

  • The hardware specifications are mentioned below and they are good.
  • Has 1GB of RAM and equipped with Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • Hardware Buttons for Volume control, selecting among the options and power ON/OFF control.
  • Head tracking feature with the combination of Gyro, Accelerometer and Integrated Compass. This feature helps the device to know where you are looking exactly and thus making it logical for the device to predict the gesture.
  • Battery strength up to 8 hours hands free which equals to the usage of 2hours of hand free and display (I consider this very low especially when you are travelling on a Business Trip, you will not want to plug-in this device to charge at every charging station that comes by during the trip).
  • Can be connected to iOS and Android devices through WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Microphones are featured with noise cancellation feature making it really comfortable for you to talk on the move.
  • Video recording quality is also expected to be 720p which is really good and all the recording done and images snapped will go to micro memory slot where card upto 8GB can be supported.

Hands on Video Demo

Well this device was just demonstrated in CES and now it is being awaited to be launched in the market. This is a complete new device for the smartphone users and till now it does not have any competitor in the market, but yes I expected Google Glass to be earlier than this device.


Abhinav Singh

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