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[Review] Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 For Mac or PC

Have you ever thought for a third party keyboard which could work across all the your apple device and portable enough to carry it around, on the connectivity front it works seamlessly between my iPhone, iPad, and my PC laptop, yes you can use it with a non apple computer or a PC as well.


Build Quality and Design

Talking about the build quality it is one finest quality of plastic I have seen on any computer accessory, it fairly solid to resist drops for once or twice, design wise its really sleek and compact as a keyboard and little heavier to make it stable while typing.


Form Factor and Size

In terms of the size its almost of the same size as normal regular apple keyboard which come with mac but on the functionality side it can connect to three devices including a iPad and iPhone with a single key press.


To switch among the devices I simply pressed the "1," "2," or "3" function keys at the top left of the keyboard.

Connectivity and Battery Life

As per connectivity, I used it with my macbook pro some times, iPhone and my iPad 2, once connected with a device for the first time, it will get connected seamlessly without any issues by just pressing a function key. It has a simple button to power it on and once fully charged it give me backup all the time as it was automatically getting charged with solar and normal indoor light, never faced battery issue while using it.


As per Logitech you can use this keyboard for 8 hours in a dark room with very less or low light without any issues.


It has a Chiclet-style keys as the Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard and the look and feel of the keys are very similar, though not the same keys. The keys gives you good amount of travel and feedback while typing which makes it more confortable keyboard to type on.


Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 Pictures


Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 Review [Video]

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  • Works across all apple and non apple devices
  • Nice Build Quality
  • Compact


  • Little Heavy
  • No Protective Case


This is one of the finest build quality keyboard which could be a all in one typing solutions for all your apple devices but one thing to note here is that it feel little heavy when you carry it around and it does not have a case in which you can keep it, I recommend you to buy a sleeve in case you buy it.

1 thought on “[Review] Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 For Mac or PC”

  1. What about the functionality of alternate modifier key-based operations? I can unfortunately say that keystrokes such as “fn + Enter” do not behave properly in an OSX environment. Seeing as how this model is more closely based on the Mac design, and is inherently more likely to be used in a media production setting (as is commonplace with such hardware), some readers may find discrepancies like this rather important. This holds especially true when, in the aforementioned ‘production setting,’ one cannot quickly produce the intended alternate function, thus cutting production rate.

    I apologize if this comes across as condescending, as it is NOT my intention. I merely feel that others can benefit from having and knowing this information prior to making such a potentially uninformed purchase (if they read no additional articles besides this one).

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