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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launching on 14th March At Unpacked Event

So it started with the foldable screen and then went to the screen with 1080p HD AMOLED and most of us expected this at MWC but now it has assured by Samsung also that Samsung Galaxy 4 will be unveiled in New York on 14th March and though the rumors were highly fancy but let us take on the specifications which you will really be seeing on this phone, they are not that high as expected.


Specification and Key Features

  • Rumors told that this time Samsung Galaxy S4 will be having an Exynos 5 Octo-processor, S2 and S3 marked the starting for octo-core processor so this never came as a rumor to the users but rather to reduce the heating effect in the phone (which is one of the big cause due to which customers are getting turned down these days) they have decided to choose Qualcom 600 Snapdragon quad-core processor with 1.9 GHz.
  • Again HD AMOLED display was just a rumor and it will actually have SoLux HD display on 4.99 inches screen.
  • It will be having a primary or back camera of 13 MP (which is again available in HTC One, Huawie Ascend P2 or Sony Xperia Z) with the secondary or front camera of 2MP.
  • They say that it will come in 3 models on internal storage like iPhone 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, this is something which we have seen in Apple iPhone distribution and the RAM will be of 2GB in all the variants.
  • It weighs 138 grams and its shape resembles back to Galaxy S2 (slim-box like).

Samsung Galaxy S series phone has always marked a revolution when released, looking at the previous phones under this series you might have noticed that whenever it gets launched it sets a new landmark for the mobile phones technology and now when quad-core processors are being used in other phones, S4 was expected to be equipped with octo-core processor. But now it has already got some contenders when it gets launched in the market. Moreover, many of the users did not like the S2 shape on their phone.


Abhinav Singh

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