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Duracell Powermat for iPhone 5 with Case and Charging Pad Equals 5050 mAh

Well iPhone users are always trouble by their battery and even being an Apple fan accept that yes Apple iPhone is a problem and that is the reason I keep a charger with me throughout the day. Now today I am going to introduce you with a new accessory for your iPhone which can act like a case and a totally new way to charge it. There are many charging accessories with which you are going to get introduced today, let us take the major one which is the Charging Pad.


Now like the Nokia Lumia wireless charging pad this is the same thing and holds up to 4200 mAh which is seriously a nice battery back for your iPhone, you can get your iPhone charged 2 times more with this support and the best part is that you will have to keep your iPhone on this pad and you can charge it as the Lumia users do, in a wireless mode. For this your iPhone will have to wear a special case which will have that induction sheet at the back and obviously that case will be divided into 2 parts.

Duracell Powermat For iPhone 5 Hands on Demo

One part will be casing your whole iPhone back and the other part will be connected to the charging port, the back case and the charging pad will be using the principle of wireless charging and the back case will be supplying the electricity through the connected port on your iPhone. So your iPhone will just have to wear that case and then placed on that charging pad. Once it is done it will start charging and if you want to charge the portable charging pad and then you can do that with the help of micro-USB or macro-USB chargers which are usually available with the Samsung phones. The charging has a series of LED aligned on one of the sides of the pad stating about the charging condition of this pad as the pad discharges the lights will start turning off one by one.

Apart from these 2, you will get an extra charging pad which can be slide off at the back making it like an extra battery which can always be available at the back of your iPhone and thus making your iPhone little bit thick but with double battery backup moreover you will not have to charge it separately you can keep it fixed on your iPhone and then put it on the pad. For further more information you can click here to visit their official website and buy it directly from there (US only). These is a totally new accessory providing the iPhone users with the advantage of wireless charging of Lumia.


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