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HTC One Hands On Video and Pictures at [MWC]

HTC One has been launched but as of now no news on its availability, but as expected by HTC it is really good looking and its shape and size is really prominent. While holding that phone in your hands, you will get a cold aluminum touch at the back which is slightly curved but unlike iPhone 5, it is not much prone to the scratches. As you can see in the video, the placement of the speaker on the body of this phone is adding to the looks of the phone, they are available on both the ends making it easier for the user to listen to the sounds specially then are using the phone is landscaping mode.


The hardware specification of the phone is also really good and thus on behalf of HTC it is the contender against the iPhone and Galaxy S4. The usage to 2 microphones has been seen after a long time in any other phone apart from iPhone. Let us take a look at the hardware specs now.

Specifications and Key Features

  • Putting on the most powerful spec on this phone is Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad-core 1.7 GHz processor with 2 GB RAM DDR2 and GPU of Adreno 320 placing this phone among the top contenders of Galaxies.
  • Now talking about the screen, it is 4.7 inches with the ppi of 470 (which is really decent and assures HD display). It has full HD display of 1080p and weighs neatly 145 grams.
  • They have not specified the pixel specifications of their primary camera but they have marked it as ultra-pixel camera mentioning that my not increasing the Megapixel rating if they only focus on CMOS sensor, ISP and Optical lens system then they can capture much more amount of light at once which will be more than 8 MP or 13 MP camera used these days commonly in the other smartphones. It also allows you to create HD videos with HDR features embedded in it. The video recording feature is also available with slow motion video recording, wherein you can record videos of very fast moving objects in a slow motion (this is something which I am observing for the first time in a phone).
  • The flash system has been made smart by adding 5 light intensity levels to it and the best part is that the flash switched to these levels on its own by calculating the distance between the camera and the object to be captured, they call this feature as smart-flash. The secondary camera is for 2.1 MP for video calling purpose.
  • Sound is also really good as the dual speakers available no both the ends of the phone and it has got in-built amplifiers. It brags about the sound quality by its branding of ‘BeatsAudio’ at the back of the phone. It has 2 microphone, the one near the back camera is the secondary one, many for the clear video recording and while video chatting with the buddies.
  • It has got 4G LTE support with WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC and the battery backup is decent (not too good) and it operates on Jellybeans with HTC Sense (HTC BlinkFeed).

HTC One Hands On Review [Video]

HTC One Hands on Pictures



The device is great but choice will depend on the specs of Samsung Galaxy S4 which is about to be released on 14th March. The phone can be a choice on the basis of the camera features and the sound quality on the basis of the specification apart from this, the build quality and the design of the phone is really good and attractive.


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