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Sony Xperia ZL Quick Hands On Video and Photos

Sony Xperia ZL has been launched with Xperia Z and they are almost same in all the aspects, when talked about their hardware specifications and it seems that Sony did not wanted to lose any gap while sending their contenders in the market for the competition among elites mobile phones. This said the build quality of this phone is not that bad as instead of the tampered glass of Xperia Z you will see the rubber pad behind the phone which will provide the firm grip while holding a phone but it is not dustproof or waterproof like Xperia Z. Apart from the outer looks everything is exactly same in both the phones leaving few exception which we will be discussing in the specifications section.


Sony Xperia ZL Specifications and Key Features

As of now, this phone is much better than iPhone 5 when talked about the hardware specifications. Not only talking about the processors but also taking the display quality, the camera, battery life and connectivity features. They have got intelligent display feature which has the ability to control the contrast and sharpness of the screen when you are watching it and this also makes the distorted or the low quality video look good by removing the noise and the distortion.

Again the Exmore sensor makes it really feasible for the users to capture the images when they are taking a snap under low light or extra bright light. Moreover with the Superior auto mode you will not have to adjust your hands much for the perfect frame to be captured instead it will automatically zoom, focus and adjust the amount of light being captured by the lens and will produce the best possible image. The camera on both the sides of the phone are capable of capturing the videos in HDR mode. Now let us put the specifications in bullets.

Both of these above mentioned features are not available in any of the phone, but then again when we talk about HTC One, then the smart flash integration with 5 different intensity levels and a better audio experience will definitely attract a different genre of users as this phone lacks in both of these strengths of HTC One. When compared with iPhone 5 then its thickness matches (7.8 mm) but it is heavier than iPhone 5 (112gms).

  • Processor: 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 Quad Core
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Display Size: 5 inches
  • Software Version: Android V4.1.2
  • Camera: 13MP with HDR recording
  • Secondary Camera: 2MP with HDR recording
  • Internal Storage: 12 GB
  • External Storage: up to 64 GB
  • Battery: 2370 mAh providing stand by time of 500h and talktime of 13 hours on 3G.
  • Weight: 151 grams or 5.33 ounces
  • Graphic Processor: Adreno 320
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS GLONASS, MHL support, 3G, Edge and NFC

Sony Xperia ZL Hands On Photos


Sony Xperia ZL Hands On Video


Sony Xperia is a good choice as all the specifications are goof enough when compared with the latest tech phones in market, but nothing can be said unless Samsung Galaxy S4 is unveiled. As of now, I will rank this phone as a powerful phone for the users who want to be connected all the time for their business or official purpose, as it does not focuses much on the entertainment part and HTC One for music lovers and attractive looks.


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