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HP ElitePad 900 Hands on Video and Photos Gallery

Windows 8 OS is out with the tablets, it started with Microsoft tablet and now HP Elitepad 900 is here in front of you. This tablet runs on Windows 8 Pro and the best part about these tablets that now for the limited amount of work while travelling you will not have to take out your laptop all the time due to the presence of same OS on the tablet and then on your laptop too. This tablet by HP is really very light that is 0.63 Kg which is nothing but a bottle of mobile coke approx. and the thickness of 9.2 mm, now these 2 factors make it portable for the users.


HP ElitePad 900 Specifications and Key Features

The price factor may be a worry which is 43,500 and undoubtedly the Windows tablet will always be in this range, taking Windows 8 Microsoft Surface which is even costlier than this. This tablet is powered by dual core Intel Atom processor with 1.8 GHz accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The screen size of 10.1 inches with multi-touch feature and corning glass coating make resistible to scratches up to a certain extent.

The back camera is of 8MP and is also accompanied by the support of flash and the front camera is VGA. Now the more portable a gadget becomes, the more it is prone to get stole and keep this in mind they have installed some programs keeping in security viewpoint like Security manager, Credential manager, Password Manager and similar more applications and now when talking about the memory then it has got the latest technology SSD hard disk drive with 64 GB of storage and this might be on the reasons where users may prefer to spend more.

This tablet alone will never be sufficient as you cannot see any connectivity port in this tablet, not even a single USB port. So, there are basically 4 major accessories which you may have to shop along with this tablet like the Expansion jacket which will add certain ports like 1 USB, HDMI and others to the tablet and also enhance the battery backup to provide the combined battery backup of 19.5 hours (this costs around 7k). The Elitepad docking Station bring the keyboard and the monitor support to the tablet giving you the feel of a PC while working on it (this costs around 10k).

  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom processor
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Display Size: 10.1 inches LCD display with corning Gorilla Glass
  • Software Version: Windows 8 Pro
  • Camera: 8MP with HD recording and Flash support
  • Secondary Camera: VGA camera
  • Internal Storage: 64 GB Solid-State Drive
  • External Storage: Not expanded
  • Battery: Not Specified
  • Weight: 653 grams
  • Graphic Processor: Graphics media Accelerator
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi

HP ElitePad 900 Quick Hands On Photos


HP ElitePad 900 Quick Hands On Videos


This tablet will cost you more than 43,500 INR provided the 4 extra accessories which you may gave to buy looking at the limitations without them. SSD storage and Windows 8 Pro make this tablet somewhat exceptional but nothing in this tablet is astonishing. So, I will suggest you to go for this tablet only if you are very much particular about Windows 8 on your tablet else there is not use of spending this much amount on a tablet, because you can get muchh better Android tablets below this range.


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