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Samsung Galaxy S4 New Software Features Compared With S3

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched at The Unpacked event at New York. It is a powerful beast as compared to Galaxy S3 as the hardware specification are good which we have covered previously and in this post all the new features embedded in the in the Galaxy S4 on the software level has been explained in detail.  Ryan Bidan, Director of product Marketing himself explained all the features with the help of the casts at Radio City in new York. Let us take a look at the features mentioned below

Dual Camera Mode

Usually the user taking the photo is always left behind but with this new feature he can be included in a small frame on the clicked image. The type and the style of the small frame in which the photographer will be captured can be chosen before taking the photo. The same can be done while recording any video.


Sound and Shot

With the help of this feature the image becomes self-descriptive because ‘Sound and Shot’ feature attaches a recorded sound clip of maximum 9 seconds when the photo is clicked.


Drama Shot and Eraser

Drama shot captures the sequence of images which is 100 images in 4 seconds and then puts them automatically into a collage as seen below in the image. Samsung that this is the better replacement of the burst mode which is usually available in other smartphones.


Eraser will mark the few of the spots on an image with a different color indicating that these can be clearly eliminated from the image without distorting its real quality. Once the areas on the image is highlighted, just tap it and it will go away.


Once you tap and hold on the albums you will see a thumbnail preview indicating the images available inside that album.

S Translator

This will help you to translate a sentence being said by any other guy in front in some other language and then display you that translation into text. It has also got the optical Translator which can help you to translate the text written anywhere on the newspapers or magazine. Moreover if you are using a ChatOn to chat then it is also embedded in that IM helping you to automatically translate the chat by the other user to your preferred language.


Adapt Display

This is a new feature which will help you to have the best display on your phone but automatically adjusting the brightness, saturation, hue and contrast of the screen.


Story Album

Creating an album on Galaxy S4 is easier than ever, now it automatically assembles the images into an album which have been captured at the same location and at the same time and if you want to create a template for the hard cover print, then just select the first and the last photo for the album and then the template to be used.

S Voice Drive

Now replying to the calls, calling someone, reading, deleting and replying the messages becomes way simpler while driving your way to office. You will not have even have to look at the screen while doing all this. Whenever a message is received it will ask about the options through voice commands and then it will perform the actions as asked by you.


Samsung Smart Switch Program

This is a new tool specially designed for the Galaxy S4 which will make it really easier for the users to transfer their data from any other platform to Galaxy S4. This software will retrieve that from your other phone, irrespective of the platform it has and then once your Galaxy S4 is connected to the same tool you will be able to transfer all of it.

Samsung Knox Feature

This will help you to keep your workplace data and personal separately on your home and thus the official mail clients will never be able to access your personal data. Moreover it will also protect your phone from all the malicious software.

Group Play

This is new sharing feature designed specifically for Galaxy S4 where you will be able to share music, photos or docs with or without internet. This will also help you to play your music through other Galaxy S4s with the help of this feature and at once you can play your music through 8 Galaxy S4s.


Air Gesture and Air Call Accept

This new feature will help you to operate your phone without even touching it by simply waving the gestures in the air. You can use to flip the pages while reading some book or while browsing through the webpages where these gestures will help you to back and forward in history. If you are reading a mail and you wish to back to the inbox then with the help of vertical gestures you can do that. Air Call accept is the feature with the help of which you accept the calls with these air gestures.


Samsung Smart Scroll/Pause

This feature knows when you are looking at the screen or not and hence plays the video in front of you accordingly, this smart pause. Similarly while reading a page on your page if you will give a slight tilt then it will scroll in that direction which is smart scroll.


Most of these feature are new and attractive and it seems that this time Samsung Galaxy S4 will not be competing over hardware level rather these new features introduced on the software level makes it wanting more than HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh

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