Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Date India

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched and now everybody wants to lay their hands on it. One the launch event named as ‘The Unpacked’ at Radio City, New York JK Shin did not specify any about the pricing of this phone and mentioned that it will reaching the markets by the end of April. We hopped on to the rediff shopping website where a seller named Souk India is ready to sell Samsung Galaxy S4 in India at 59,990 INR. Though the phone has not been officially launched in India Souk India guarantees the delivery of the product within 45 days.


As reported by GSM arena that the giveaway program by Samsung in which they decided to put 48 Samsung Galaxy S4 displayed the approximately retail value as $579. So, this can make us believe that it will at least be cheaper than iPhone 5 ($649), which again adds to the marketing factor of Samsung galaxy S4, Apple overran Samsung in the 4th quarter of the last year in term of smartphone market share in US and now it seems that Samsung will get its position pack and that it the Apple has launched various new Add campaigns.

Bloomberg reports that this product will be available in the market by 26th April for USA, South Korea and Hong Kong and for the rest of the 155 countries the phone will be available by the first week of May. So, we can expect that the official selling of the Samsung galaxy S4 will start from May itself and we believe that the prices of the same will not be insanely high like 59,990 INR rather they will be much cheaper. The reason being the approximate value mentioned above and if they shoot the price of this product so high then all the other high-end Android phones like Sony Xperia Z and HTC One will already have an edge over Samsung galaxy S4.

This phone is a powerful beast with the combination of 1.9 GHz Quad-Core processor and 2GB RAM and comes with loads of new features introduced on the software level by Samsung for the first time. The exact delivery date is not known yet, but it should come in first week of may, as per rumors its expected to be launched on 1oth May 2013

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