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Dell Insipiron 14R and 15R Windows 8 and Touch Sensitive Display

Now when the users have started targeting towards the ultrabooks available in the market, the only things stops them in the price factor because they are considerably expensive when compared with a normal laptop and the attractive things in it that they are slim, with better display, with long battery backup and they are lighter as compared to the traditional laptops which we have been using. So, keeping this factor in mind DELL has launched a special series of laptops named 14R and 15R which are lighter, slimmer, faster and have better battery backup than those traditional laptop but it is not as better as the ultrabooks. This step creates a special range of laptop between the laptops and the ultrabooks and it will be a lot easier for the users to capture.


These new version of Insipiron are 2.54 centimeter or 1 inch thinner that previous conventional laptops which means they are 17 percent thinner. They have also mentioned that now this new series is 15% lighter but that does not mean that they have compromised with the power of the laptop in terms of speed, they are still using core i3, i5, and i7 processors and due to their new design they only consume 17 watts of energy processing which again added up to the long battery backup in these new laptops. The long battery backup of these laptops is the combination of the new battery to use used for this series of laptops and the low power consumption of these new processors.


You know that when you order the Dell laptops then you configure the laptop by selecting or deselecting some of the features like selecting the color of the laptop or choosing the type of display you need. So, among the colors this new series will offer you Peacock Blue, Red Fire and Black as the options and the screen may come with 1080p HD display or full touch screen which is again optional and if selected will increase the price of the laptop selected by you. These days the laptops equipped with Windows 8 can go for the touch screen which is supported by this OS so you will this feature in these laptops also. The touchpads on these laptops are also new as now they support the Windows 8 OS multiple gestures.

The laptops will start at 36,000 INR with all the preliminary features like core i3 normal display with no HD and touch feature. Inspiron 14R and 15R will support the connectivity through WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI 4.1, USB ports, 2 3.5 mm jacks for headphones and microphone. Windows 8 OS installed in the system will come with pre-installed application by Dell like Skype and other security related software. You can buy these laptops from their website that is or you can visit the stores for the same but do not expect the HD displays you to be available right now then will be coming by April this year.


Abhinav Singh

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