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Aakash 3 Tablet with 3G SIM Support Coming Soon

After the success of previous 2 versions of Aakash tablet series, government is heading towards its third version and this time the again the contract goes to Datawind which has done the manufacturing of the previous versions of tablet. The hardware specs of this tablet is not exactly known but certain statements have been made by the Aakash tablet team regarding it and in this post we will share them with you.


Datawind for the first time has taken a decision of using the Chinese instruments for the manufacturing of the Aakash 3 and this decision has been in great controversy. Deepak B Phatak who is the member of committee in charge of Aakash tablet supports this actions because the setup of manufacturing the tablets is at the initial stage. In Indian wherein we can manufacture the tablets with the capacity of 100 per day, in China this can be done at the capacity of 1,00,000 per day. Moreover the great mobile manufacturing Apple also relies on China for the same. Let India establish their manufacturing setup completely then there will be no need to use the help from China but still it has been made sure the maximum manufacturing of the tablet will happen in India only.

Mr. Phatak also mentioned that they are planning to put a SIM card slot in the tablet making it a device to communicate with the friends but this new initiative will not add anything in the price of the Aakash 3 tablet. Aakash 3 will come in 2 versions, one of them will be the version for school students and the other one will be for the college students. Till now nothing has been stated that on what basis these two will be differentiated, on the basis of the price of the tablet or on the basis of the hardware specs of the Aakash 3. They also mentioned that now they will have more apps for the tablet.The price and the date of the launch for this tablet has not been specified and the same goes for the hardware specifications also. You will see the quick review post here on this blog, on this tablet whenever Aakash 3 hardware specifications are released officially.


Abhinav Singh

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