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Videocon VT75C Tablet 7 Inch, 3000 mAh battery and Jelly Bean Launched

Now you can own a tablet with 7 inches of screen at 5,965 INR, this tablet is released by Videocon and as per the hardware configuration from our Quick review I can easily say that this tablet is made for the sole purpose of reading and that too for 5 to 6 hours in a go.


Not much detail is available on the hardware specification that like what is the exact processor used on this tablet but with the help of RAM value and camera specification, I can justify my statement that this tablet has not been manufactured for the game lovers and for those who would love to use Instagram all the time when they are travelling. It uses 1GHz processor along with 512 RAM so you cannot have large number of applications and you cannot have HD games but with ample amount of internal storage along with the Battery strength of 3000 mAh you can definitely use this tablet for reading or video watching purpose when you are on a trip.

Another good point is the availability of the SIM which can help you to be connected to internet and browse on the go and it also operates on the latest Android version which is Jellybean (Android 4.1). So, it is a decent choice at such price which will give you a comfortable device to read, watch and browse on a 7 inches touch screen Tablet. Mainly the users who cannot afford 7 inches tab like Nexus or the users who only want to have a tab for the basic purpose described above can go for such tablets. You can buy this tablet from the link mentioned below.


Abhinav Singh

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