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What’s New In Facebook Home Android Phone UI Launcher

Facebook has announced the new facebook phone which is a an android phone with a unique user interface designed which has facebook influence all over the phone, we are going to add all the new features on this page, check out the video below to have a quick glance over the facebook home launcher.

So, first of all let me tell you that Facebook Home is not the Android skin and obviously it is not a new OS for the phone and yes they are not making a new phone dedicated solely to Facebook. Facebook Home is an application which will change all over experience with the Facebook Applications for the users. This application will be available to the user on Play Store from 12th April onwards to download but this application cannot be used on all the phones, the selected phones for this applications are: HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 (which is about to come in near Future) and Samsung Note 2.


In the beginning of the presentation Facebook talked about the social network on which most of the users are connected and the graph clearly shows that the other social networks are really left behind Facebook and this gives Facebook the idea to indulge more in to the mobile using experience of the users and make stronger relationship with them.


Now while talking about the Facebook home Zuckerberg described that when your phone is in sleep mode it will keep on updating the news feeds and then showing them on your lock screen, then best part is that you can swipe those news feeds even the screen locked and if you like the feed then double tap it to like it or comment on it.

Facebook Home Cover Feed

So when you press the lock key on the phone to switch on the display you will see the cover feeds which will be displayed like the slideshow so without even touching your phone you can keep looking at them but whenever you will like swiping them use your finger for that.


Another interesting feature is the way you are going to handle the notification on the phone, now someone has liked a phone on Facebook then tapping that notification will take you to the Facebook application, where you will be able to see the photo with the like but if you do not want to check that notification then swipe it away and if you want to get rid of all the notifications on the screen at once then tap and hold it and then all the notifications will be grouped under your tap which can be swiped away at once.


Launch Apps From Facebook Home Launcher

Now the questions arises that How you will use the applications on that Android platform, it is easy, you will just have to tap on your profile available in the circle at the bottom of the screen and then 3 options will be popped up as mentioned in the screenshot. Now if you want to go to the section of applications then tap the profile icon and then swipe it to the apps section and then applications installed on your phone will be opened and this will be the bookmarked list of applications.


Access All Apps From Facebook Home Launcher

If you want to take a look on all the applications available on your phone then swipe to the right and you will see all the applications installed on your phone.


Facebook Home Chatheads

Now Joey Flinn talked about the chatheads on this Facebook home. Chatheads are really smart way of presenting the message received on the phone because they will never leave the screen, no matter which application you are on to, even if you are reading a webpage and a message pops up on your phone it will follow you until you dismiss it but tapping it and then . Like iMessage on the iPhone the messages exchanged via Facebook messenger and Text will be collected below the single chathead.


The best thing is that while reading the article on this webpage you can reply to the message received from your friend and not only this webpage, it can be any other applications or if you are watching a video or playing a game it will popup and then you can pause it and then reply to it if you want or just hold it and then swipe that down in the bottom of the phone.


These chatheads will be logged one after another and you can tap them and then drag them wherever you want them on the screen. Now how to get this thing on your phone, as we mentioned earlier the phone on which it is compatible. You can download and install Facebook Home on them to enjoy these features. As of now they will not be coming on the tablets but after several months you might see them on the tablets also.


So these are all the new features available on Facebook Home and coming up we will be talking about the new phone which has been designed keeping Facebook Home in mind by HTC and yes as mentoined earlier in our news coverage it is HTC First with the same shape and design mentioned in the leaks.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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