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HTC M4 With 4.3 Inch Screen and Ultrapixel Camera Will Launch Soon

Few days back we talked about the new phone released by HTC named as HTC First and it was released at the same event where Facebook Home was also launched. The only thing which is especially about that phone is that it will come with the pre-integrated Facebook Home and the users who are really desperate to use Facebook Home will be able to use them at the price of 450 USD which is low when compared with the other high-end Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and others.


That was the first phone by HTC which was released under this range but again it targets a different section of users who want to use Facebook Home and now it has been unveiled that HTC will be releasing the same phone with a different name and it will not have Facebook Home in it and we are not sure whether it will join the compatible devices for Facebook or not. Now when talking about the hardware spec then this phone comes with 4.3 inches of screen size with 720 p of HD Display. The processor is of Dual Core Qualcomm wherein the cores have been clocked at 1.2 GHz and this power is supported by 1GB RAM. (These are something similar observed in HTC First). Now where HTC First had the primary camera of 5 MP HTC M4 will use the new Ultra-pixel technology which was used in HTC One and we have talked about it here.

The Ultra-pixel technology does not talk about the exact MP of the camera but but emphasizes on the CMOS sensor, ISP and lens system which will help the camera to capture good amount of light which the camera of 8MP or 13MP cannot do. Along with this primary camera it will have a normal VGA camera in the front with 1.6 MP and they will also have HTC Beats Audio which greatly enhances the sound quality of the phone. As of now there is not update about the launch of this phone but we expect it to be released later in this quarter as HTC will give the user sometime to use HTC First and try the experience of Facebook Home at 99.99 USD with At&T Subscription.


Abhinav Singh

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