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ZTE Data Cards With 14.4 mbps and 7.7 mbps Download Speed Support

ZTE has launched two new data cards with the speeds of 14.4MBps and 7.7MBps and they have done this with the support of HCL Infosystems Ltd. They have chosen the best e-commerce service provider on India Flipkart to distribute this product online. So this means this product will be coming with 30 days full replacement guarantee. Let us talk about the features of these data cards.


Data Card with the speed of 14.4 MBps can be connected to the USB port of your desktop or laptop and you may also connect it to the USB charger. While being connected to the USB charger it can serve as the Wi-Fi Hotspot and provide you the internet connection from that data card up to laptops and you can also create the hotspot connectivity with the help of this data-card while being connected to a laptop.

The other data card with the speed of 7.7 MBps cannot provide the hotspot feature and it will connect like any other DSB dongle to provide you the internet connection. This USD data card is available at the price of 1799 INR and the one mentioned above with the better speed is available at the price of 2250 INR. There are already many data cards of Belkin, Huawei, Dlink available on Flipkart at these competitive prices but the Hotspot feature available on internet is somewhat unique and thus gives the edge to these ZTE data cards.


Abhinav Singh

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