Nokia is about to reveal the new design set of Nokia Asha phones and this new is everywhere in the air because it has got two solid reasons, one of them is the leaked images by evleaks which show the new small screen phones which Nokia might reveal in near future and because usually the small screen phone are not placed under the section of high-end phones revealed by Nokia so we can conclude they will be low-end phones launched by Nokia.


Now, Nokia did not reveal anything in their Asha series at MWC, though they revealed some of the phone in low-end category but they were not of the Asha series. Second reason is that; Nokia on their official blog named as ‘Nokia Conversations’ teased about an event which will be held on Wednesday morning at 7AM GMT where they will have a QnA session with Neil Broadley and so we expect Nokia to talk about these new designs (leaked by evleaks) for their Asha series. Especially when for a long time they have not released anything phone in that series.

Also, on their blog they have posted an image in that announcement which is quite similar to the leaked image of the new phone by Nokia. Nokia is mostly known about the style and the design of their phone and again as seen in the leaked images they will come as a bunch of colors and as per my view this new design looks great and simple.