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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Might Have Unbreakable OLED Display Screen [Rumor]

So here we are with a rumor about Samsung Galaxy Note 3  which seems to be true and this rumor is related to the type of display which Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might have. As we know that Note series of phones by Samsung are famous for the large screens and this is also suspected to have a large screen of more than 5.5 inches but less than 6 inches. But this time it is not about the length of the screen but the thickness of the phone which will be reduced.


The new technology of display named as Unbreakable OLED which will be there on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or you can also call it as plastic OLED which is termed in short as USB OLED. Apart from being unbreakable it also helps in reducing the thickness acquired by the display of the phone by 66 percent when compared with a phone using normal OLED screen.

When you need a battery to large figure of mAh (their strength is measured in this unit), then usually the size of battery also tends to increase with their strength and with the help of this new technology of the display they will either reduce the overall thickness of the phone or they might use that space to increase the battery strength.

Apart from this this new display technology will also help the new phablet to be lighter than Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (you can see the reason of these conclusions right from the image mentioned above) and as per the rumors we can expect to see this product launched by Quarter 4 and so we also expect that this will be the one competing with to-be released new Apple iPhone.


Abhinav Singh

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