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Sony India Launched NFC Enabled Speakers For Smartphones

NFC is the new technology to connect with the gadgets these days, initially Bluetooth was the only means through which we could connect to each other and then Wi-Fi came in, which again offers a better connectivity when it is compared with Bluetooth but obviously it draws more power when compared with Bluetooth connectivity which means that making small handheld devices which can act as the accessories of the mobile phone will be a problem in this case.

Sony has revealed their new series of speakers which are enabled in terms of NFC and they will be easily connected to the phones or other gadgets which have NFC embedded in it. For the phones which do not have NFC can still use this accessory because these speakers also have Bluetooth connectivity and Sony also claims that these speakers will provide you a very good quality of sound for music and voice calls on your phone. Basically Sony has launched three types of speakers in this category let us talk about each of them in detail.


SRS-BTV5 is the model number of the speaker which is smallest of all and has the size and shape similar to a tennis ball, so this simple means that portability is high and once charged it will be able to provide you the consistent support for 5 hours. Its spherical size also adds to the advantage that it will produce the sound in all the directions by covering whole 360 degree view and this is available at the price of 3,990INR.


SRS-BTM8 falls in the middle of the three models in terms of size, it looks like a bag and thus you have a handle to carry it around your house but this is not portable to put it in the travel bag and it will provide you the backup for 20 hours once you fully charge it. This will be available at the price of 5,990 INR.


ZS-BTY52 is biggest and the loudest of these three and it will provide you the backup of 11 hours once fully charged or you can opt to use this in power mode where you will not be using the battery and it has nothing to do with portability. The Output power of this speaker is 5W and it is available at the price of 8,990. We are not acquainted with the exact date on which this will be available in the market but it will be pretty soon as per the sources and they will be available in all the major electronic stores and Sony Showrooms.


Abhinav Singh

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