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HTC One Will Come in Stocks in First Week of May 2013

This might be a disappointing news for those looking forward to the release of the mighty HTC One in India. The release has now been officially delayed to the 7th of May. which means there will be a another 9 days before fans can get their hands on HTC’s flagship phone for 2013.

We got to know from one of our reader Amit Roy , who told us through comments that when he enquired about HTC one availability, he got the response as a email saying it will come in the first week of May.

I am a techie and waiting for HTC One for last so many months.
Your article like other websites say April end but when I enquired from HTC, they sent me a mail today saying it will come in the first week of May. Just wanted to inform you guys so that you can update.
Cheers and thanks for the lovely website



It is being speculated that there is a lack of stocks for the Indian market which has caused this delay. This might give the Samsung Galaxy S4 an upper hand as the phone is already released in the Indian market. What might also play in Samsung’s favour is the price – the S4 is priced 41,500 INR whereas the HTC One will be selling for 42,900 INR. Although the difference is not much, but it still cannot be overlooked for the Indian market which is very price-sensitive.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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