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Wickedleak Will Launch New Android Tablet Very Soon in India

Wickedleak just left a teaser on their facebook page about a new product they are going to launch very soon, as per the image of the device they have shown in the form of a animated video it looks like it will be bigger than Wammy Passion Y and Wammy Titan 2 in terms of screen size and it might be a better device for gaming as well.


As per their tag line they say that Some Thing Wicked Is Around The Corner and the status update say product launch which confirms about the launch of their new device. They have left some other teasers as well on their facebook page earlier but none of them had a photo of the device till now.

We have already done the full review of Wammy Titan 2 which you can read to know more, and another review of Wammy Passion Y which will come soon on here on this blog, do let us know your questions through the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “Wickedleak Will Launch New Android Tablet Very Soon in India”

  1. I couldnt find their FB page. Hope they launch it soon. But why arnt they into marketing, advtmnt etc being an Indian brand like micrmax, lava etc etc. My staff are laughing when i am saying i would go for wammy titan 2. They thought the phone is from some TITAN watch company…lol. Never heard this name.

  2. N weakedleak???? Very very weird name with that bad looking logo behind. Shall use flip cover to hide that ugly looking logo. Pls dont mind…but its a fact.

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