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Blackberry R10 Budget Phone with BB10 and Physical Keypad Coming Soon to India

As we are aware, Blackberry’s current top phone – The Blackberry Z10 comes without the iconic Blackberry physical keypad. Buyers still wanted a physical keypad, hence Blackberry rolled out the Q10, a full featured phone with a physical keypad, but the phone wasn’t as well priced as other Blackberry phones and hence didn’t do too well.


Taking cue from their past, Blackberry are reportedly on the verge of releasing a budget phone with physical keypad, loaded with their latest Blackberry 10 OS and a budget price tag – this would give buyers a wide array to choose from. In terms of design, as you can see from the picture, it is eminent that the design is inspired by their own Bold series. Also, there are no navigation buttons and the entire top row has been done off with, which makes us believe that this device would also sport a touch screen.

Since there is no official word from Blackberry, we would assume that this device gets launched in the coming few months. Since there is the Blackberry Live event scheduled soon, we might get an official word from Blackberry themself – or even the launch of the device. We will have to wait and see!


Update: As of 7th May 2013, we got hold of a few more leaked pictures, seen below.






Abhishek Bhatnagar

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