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LG Showed Future Products at LG India Tech Show 2013 We Took a Close Look

LG organized their tech show few days back and they showed off their huge range of futuristic products of out which we will be talking about mainly 3 products which were really attractive and prove to be useful for all the readers. In all the total number of products revealed by LG were 70 which included the number of new laptops, TVs, tablets, Optimus G Pro, portable speakers, Portable printers and more. Let us talk about the Portable Printer, LG Optimus G Pro phone and 55-inch OLED TV.


LG Pocket Photo Printer

The model number of this printer is PD233 and the best is its portability, especially nowadays when we prefer to keep the photographs digitally on our desktops and avoid its printing because we need a huge printer for that. This portable printer designed by LG uses a whole different technology because this printer will not use ink to print the photos on the paper.


It uses a different kind of paper produced by ZINK and this printer will use the heat to create the color on that paper (because the paper changes its color once heated). And it is highly portable as you can easily carry it anywhere with you. It has the connectivity support of Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi. So next time you will not have to get much bothered for printing a photograph, just give a command from your mobile phone and it will be printed in no time.

Lg Pocket Printer Photo Gallery


Lg Pocket Printer Hands on Review [Video]

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LG Optimus G Pro

Well it is the most powerful phone released by LG ever with 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB RAM, well the price of this phone is not known yet but we will let you know soon about it. You can read more about the specs of this phone under our Quick Review section.


This is the only phone seen in the recent time with its battery strength comparable to Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This will give a good fight to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One if launched at a decent price.

Lg Optimus G Pro Photo Gallery


Lg Optimus G Pro Review [Video]

LG Laser Display TV

LG has some up with a new technology named as Laser Display which consists of a screen with anti-reflective feature and a UST unit which is capable of projecting the image over the length of 100 inches screen with full 1080p clarity and that too at the distance of just 22 inches. This is the smallest distance at which any image or video can be projected with such clarity and that is the reason it was awarded as the Best Future Product at CES 2013.

Lg Tech Show Other Devices at Tech Show


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