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Xolo Q700 Details Now Live at Access Denied Page at Xolo Website

Recently we talked about Xolo Q700, we mentioned that it was discovered through the Facebook page and from the Flipkart but while playing with the URL of its official website we discovered that Xolo has mentioned about this product on their official website, but you cannot reach out to that page from their product category on their official website. You can reach this page on


You can check the official specifications of Xolo Q700 on their official website by clicking here. When you will visit the page you will see that it displays the message stating ‘Access Denied’ and ‘You are not authorized to access this page’ but still you can see the hardware specifications described in the table below this message.


It seems that they will be unblocking this page once they announce this product publically as they just posted the ‘coming soon’ photo of Xolo Q700 as its teaser. So you can rely on this official page for the final ad detailed final specification of Xolo Q700.

Now it seems like page has been removed, but before its done we were able to take the screenshot of the page and got to know all the confirmed specs, now if you visit this page you will see page not found error.


But still you can see the Xolo X700 image on the top right corner of the page.


Abhinav Singh

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