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Eesha Khare Designed a Supercapacitor to Charge your Mobile Phone in less than 30 seconds

Usually the battery of a smartphone being used these days has the capacity to hold 1000 recharge cycle but with the help of Eesha Khare’s new project named as ‘Synthesis of Hydrogenated TiO2-Polyaniline Nanorods for Flexible High Performance Supercapacitor’ has come with a new discovery with the help of which the batteries will be able to hold up-to 10,000 charge/recharge cycles.


Basically this discovery is all about a super-capacitor which can do as per mentioned above and also help a battery to get charged within 20 to 30 seconds. Yet the research is not over and as of now she has won the prize of 50,000 USD for winning Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award. She will be continuing her research on this matter while attending Harvard University.

It has also been reported that Google has already reached out to her on this subject matter but it seems that as of now Eesha is not planning to sell this off to anyone rather she has bigger plans, this will not be only used in batteries of the new smartphones but as per the future aspects of this technology their usage is also expected in future electric cars.

They have used this to light an LED and you can watch the short interview of Eesha Khera and know what she has to say as of now she is ambitious to achieve new heights and not to stop on this spot.


Abhinav Singh

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